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The ideal student-teacher relationship is to

a. Charge the child to learn
b. Warn the child against failure
c. Create a friendly atmosphere for learning
d. Create homelike relationship

Which of the following is not a component of instructional system?

a. Objectives and Content    b. Resources    c. Perception    d. Implementation and outcomes

Teacher centered method include the following except

a. lecture    b. demonstration    c. project     d. storytelling

Micro teaching serves as a

a. Window to teaching activities
b. Guide to all involved in teaching
c. Smallest unit of teaching
d. A summary for all involved in teaching

The subject which most emphasize on the discovery method of teaching is ______

(a) arts    (b) social sciences    (c) sciences    (d) discussion

The principle of learning sees learners as ______

a. Group     b. Individuals     c. A class     d. A community

Which of the following is not an aim of subject teachers association in Nigeria?

a. Encourage research in their subjects
b. To prevent entry of non profession into teaching
c. Organize seminars and workshops for the improvement of their fields
d. They publish textbooks in their subject fields

Which of the following is not a type of communication?

a. Written    b. Oral    c. Spoken   d. language

Why is play the teaching method in early child hood education?

a. Play is a child’s natural inclination
b. Play is a part of learning
c. Play is adventurous
d. Play is injurious

Community resources refer to

a. Available resource found in the environment
b. Resources made by the teacher
c. Resource made by the teacher
d. Resources made by the community

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