TRCN PQE 010 – Subject Methodology – FREE Practice Test (FREE Access)

TRCN PQE 010 – Subject Methodology – FREE Practice Test (FREE Access)

Hello and Welcome to TRCN PQE 010 – Subject Methodology - Practice Test (FREE Access)

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The preferred population of children in class for early childhood education is _____

a. 20    b. 40    c. 50    d. 60

The language pace and usage of a teacher should be determined by __________

a. Height of the leaner
b. The subject taught
c. Environment
d. The age and academic level of the learner

Indoctrination and teaching are different by ______

a. content     b. method     c. intention     d. medium

Which of the following is the central point of focus in a class?

a. Teacher     b. Chalk/white board     c. Learners     d. Book

Play and exercise keeps the child healthy. The role of the teacher can best be
described as

a. The source of knowledge
b. The purveyor knowledge
c. The facilitator of knowledge
d. The master of knowledge

Instructional resources deliberately produced for class room usage are types of

a. Instructional resources by design
b. Instructional resource by utilization
c. Instructional resources by method
d. Instructional resources by purpose

Why is play the teaching method in early child hood education?

a. Play is a child’s natural inclination
b. Play is a part of learning
c. Play is adventurous
d. Play is injurious

Collaborative teaching session involves ______

a. Two or more facilitators or who teach a subject who teach a subject
b. Exchange of tutor programmes between schools
c. Tutors and students teaching topics together
d. An expert teacher being called upon to assist in some topic

Which of these factors does not directly affect learning in class?

(a) teachers methods    (b) learners reaction    (c) Content of lesson    (d) school fees

The mode of instruction whose distinct feature is the lesson plan is _______

a. Lecture     b. Group work    c. Teaching    d. field trip

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