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Play and exercise keeps the child healthy. The role of the teacher can best be described as

a. The source of knowledge
b. The purveyor knowledge
c. The facilitator of knowledge
d. The master of knowledge

The best instruction mode suitable to give information to a large group is ______

a. Teaching mode     b. Lecture mode     c. Interaction mode    d. Rally

The major df1erence between the teaching method and lecture method is that teaching method is ________

a. Interactive      b. Communicative     c. Purposeful     d. Time bound

Instructional resources deliberately produced for class room usage are types of

a. Instructional resources by design
b. Instructional resource by utilization
c. Instructional resources by method
d. Instructional resources by purpose

Teacher centered teaching methods excludes which the following

a. storytelling     b. Lecture    c. Project    d. Demonstration

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