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Identify the main reason for differences in learners’ performance when they are taught together in class.

a. Learners different stored up experiences
b. Learners different listening abilities
c. Learners cognitive ability
d. Learners zeal

Teacher centered method include the following except

a. lecture    b. demonstration    c. project     d. storytelling

The following is not one of the benefits of ICT in teacher education

a. Easy management of large class
b. Simplifying the task of teacher
c. Eliminate need for large class
d. Negative use of ICT

In teaching, the lecture method is suitable for

a. All of education
b. Lower level of education
c. Large group instruction
d. Small group instruction

Which of these factors does not directly affect learning in class?

(a) teachers methods    (b) learners reaction    (c) Content of lesson    (d) school fees

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