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The language pace and usage of a teacher should be determined by __________

a. Height of the leaner
b. The subject taught
c. Environment
d. The age and academic level of the learner

Characteristics of subject matters a teacher should cover include the following except

a. practical nature of subject
b. applicability of subject
c. theoretical and philosophical nature of subject
d. distinctiveness

Which of these communication forms is non-interactive?

a. Non-verbal    b. Public    c. Intrapersonal    d. Intrapersonal

Which of the following is the central point of focus in a class?

a. Teacher     b. Chalk/white board     c. Learners     d. Book

Which of the following teaching method is used to guide the thinking of learners as well as to desirable illustration guiding the lesson?

(a) field trip
(b) project method
(c) discussion method
(d) demonstration method

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