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Which of the following educational agencies contribution is foremost in government’s efforts to integrate technology into educational system?

a. National universities commission
b. National commission for colleges of education
c. Nigeria educational research and development council
d. National Teachers Institute

For the sender to be effective in any communication process, the following must be done except _____

a. Know the receiver and present information at his level
b. Speak or write clearly
c. Show positive attitude
d. Present information at highest academic level

Effective Communication patterns can be described as _______

a. Linear     b. Cyclical    c. Top-bottom    d. Bottom-up

In classroom, the teacher does not necessarily manipulate which of these to attain effective communication and learning objectives.

a. Instructional method
b. Teaching and learning environment
c. Learners
d. Subject content

Dale’s cone of experience covers the following domains except ______

a. Symbolic    b. Iconic    c. Active    d. General

The proponents of communication model who included the NOISE element is ______

a. Shramm
b. Shannon and Leaver
c. David Bedo
d. Harold Lasswell

Communication is a tool to enhance _____

a. knowledge    b. understanding    c. power    d. listening

In Schramm’s communication model, all classroom situations that make it impossible for learners to receive lesson is technically called _______

a. Individual differences
b. Noise
c. Learning disabilities
d. Poor comprehension

Factors to consider in selecting instructional materials include the following except

a. objective of lesson   b. availability    c. relevance to lesson    d. parents

The design and production of an effective educational media should not necessarily involve the following persons:

a. Teacher    b. Parent    c. Learner     d. librarian

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