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The proponents of communication model who included the NOISE element is ______

a. Shramm
b. Shannon and Leaver
c. David Bedo
d. Harold Lasswell

Which of the following chronologically identify the phases of educational technology?

a. Early man era, chalk board era, mass communication, information, communication and technology
b. Stone age, scientific age, mass media and ICT
c. Drawing era, writing era, type writing era end ICT
d. Carving, chalk board, mass communication and ICT

According to Edgar, Dale’s cone of experience the lowest and highest levels are:

a. Indirect experience and visual symbols
b. contrived experience and demonstration
c. direct real experience and verbal symbols
d. Verbal symbols and visual symbols

Which of the following is not an advantage of community resources?

a. They are cheap
b. Readily available
c. Provides natural experience far learners
d. Shows teachers ingenuity and resourcefulness

An educational system with a curriculum, specified objectives, learning environment and material is an example of ______

a. Semi-formal education
b. Informal education
c. Non formal education
d. Formal education

Good communication implies to _______

a. speak     b. follow     c. study     d. teach

The major contribution of SMCR model to classroom communication theory was _______

a. The recognition of all human senses as channels of communication
b. it adopted engineering mode to classroom
c. Group studies
d. Mechanical communication

In the class the learner learns from the following except _______

a. Content of lesson
b. Teachers & learners field of experience
c. What the learner already knows
d. Parents experience

Approaches of solving instructional problems through educational technology exclude the following

a. Software approach   b. System approach    c. Hardware approach   d. Dynamic approach

In classroom, the teacher does not necessarily manipulate which of these to attain effective communication and learning objectives.

a. Instructional method
b. Teaching and learning environment
c. Learners
d. Subject content

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