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Which of these communication forms is non-interactive?

a. Non-verbal    b. Public    c. intrapersonal   d. interpersonal

Which of the following is the central point of focus in a class?

a. teacher     b. chalk/whiteboard     c. learners    d. book

Which of the following did not contribute to the early development of educational technology in Nigeria?

a. Ford foundation
b. Carnegie foundation
d. American government

The proponents of communication model who included the NOISE element is ______

a. Shramm
b. Shannon and Leaver
c. David Bedo
d. Harold Lasswell

The type of education that can be received in the market, farm, and along the road is an example of _______

a. Semi-formal education
b. Informal education
c. Non formal education
d. Formal education

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