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The black box model of instruction emphasizes ________

a. Interactional nature of communication
b. Transitory nature of spoken instruction
c. Mass media instructional approach
d. The message in the box

Which of the following is not required of the learner in classroom for lessons to be effective?

a. to be psychologically ready
b. To mature for the class
c. To follow instructions
d. To read his books

According to Edgar, Dale’s cone of experience the lowest and highest levels are:

a. Indirect experience and visual symbols
b. contrived experience and demonstration
c. direct real experience and verbal symbols
d. Verbal symbols and visual symbols

Which of the following ways can instructional resources be categorised?

a. By purpose and method
b. By design and purpose
c. By method and utilization
d. By design and utilization

Instructional resources which are not intentionally produced for classroom usage are types of ______

a. Utilization    b. Design    c. purpose    d. method

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