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The pre-missionary traditional educational system emphasizes the following subjects except _____

a Geography       b. History       c. Religion       d. ICT

The first education broadcast in Nigeria was done in?

a. 1951     b. 1952     c. 1953     d. 1954

The use of non-verbal cues in teaching and learning helps the teacher to recognise the following except _______

a. That voice and attitude of the teacher affects the child’s response
b. That human body is a source of information
c. Teacher’s facial expressions, gesture, dressing provide information to the learner
d. The Lesson should cover non-verbal domains of learning

Approaches of solving instructional problems through educational technology exclude the following

a. Software approach   b. System approach    c. Hardware approach   d. Dynamic approach

Which of the following did not contribute to the early development of educational technology in Nigeria?

a. Ford foundation
b. Carnegie foundation
d. American government

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