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The earliest teacher education programmes introduced to make teachers available are the following except _______

a. Grade III    b. Grade II    c. NCE    d. B.ED

Career options available on completion of junior secondary education in the Nigeria exclude which of the following?

a. Proceeding to senior secondary school program in preparation for higher education
b. Proceeding to vocational enterprise institutions to gain vocational competencies
C. Proceeding to technical colleges to gain technical competence
d. Establishment of business to provide low level man power support

The Universal Primary Education (UPE) was established in _______

a. 1960   b. 1969   c. 1975    d. 1979

Which of the following is the first indigenous University in Nigeria?

a. University of Nigeria Nsukka
b. University of Ibadan
c. University of Lagos
d. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

Education for all (EFA) declares that learning begins at _____

a. 6 years    b. 1 year    c. Both    d. none of the above

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