TRCN PQE 007 – Teacher Education – Practice Test

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The main goal of primary education is _______

a. To serve as stepping stone to secondary and higher education
b. To enable the child learn to read and write
c. To enable the child become literate
d. To enable the child acquire certificate

Which of the following is the first indigenous University in Nigeria?

a. University of Nigeria Nsukka
b. University of Ibadan
c. University of Lagos
d. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

The Nigeria Certificate in education became the minimum teaching qualification in Nigeria in the year ______

a. 1960   b. 1969   c. 1976    d. 1977

According to the national policy on education, the objectives of pre primary education is to achieve the following except _________

a. Literacy and numeracy
b. counting of letters
c. counting of Numbers
d. identification of Colours

Which provisions of the constitution established TRCN?

a. CapT3 1993      b. CapT3 1960      c. CapT3 2001      d. CapT3 1077

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