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Modem education has operated for a period of ______

a. Over thirty centuries    b. Over forty centuries      c. Twenty centuries      d. Forty centuries

The principles of teaching a teacher include the following except ______

a. Know the class/children individually
b. Children like to learn, if they don’t it ¡s the fault of the teacher
c. The teacher should be free from vices and not tolerate them
d. Rigidness for firm classroom control

The following does not comprise of the problems of pre-primary school in Nigeria except ______

a. Lack of unifying curriculum
b. Lack of qualified teachers
c. Limited access
d. private school involvement

The attendance of pre-primary education in Nigeria is ______

a. Compulsory    b. Illegal    c. Optional    d. All of the above

Which of the following is not among commissions set up to proffer solutions to problems of higher education in Nigeria

a. Richards commission
b. Elliot Commission
c. Ashby commission
d. Longe commission

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