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Traditionally, the following is at the centre of all learning activities except _____

a. The learner     b. The school    c. The teacher    d. The curriculum

Under the UPE mandate, the benchmark to consider a person literate in Nigeria he/she must...

a. Be able to read and write
b. Have completed the primary school
c. Have completed nine years of primary and junior secondary school
d. Be a graduate from higher institution

Which of the following committees first superintended the establishment of university education in Nigeria? 

a. Elliot commission
b. Ash by commission
c. Stoke commission
d. Metcafe commission

The main purpose of higher education in Nigeria is to
a. Train up citizens to match scientific and technological development of the world
b. Provide manpower to accelerate economic development of the nation
c. Train up morally upright citizens with value for societal summary
d. To train up individualistic citizens for their survival

One of the aims of higher education in Nigeria excludes which of the following

a. The acquisition, development and communication of proper value for similarly of individual and society
b. The development of intellectual of capacity of individuals
c. The acquisition of physical and intellectual skills for individual development of useful members of society
d. The award of certificates to students

The appointment of vice chancellors, rectors and provosts of federal institutions is the responsibility of _______

a. State governments of where they are located
b. Federal government
c. Senate of the institutions
d. Vote of entire staff

Regional control of education in Nigeria ended in the year __________

a. 1960   b. 1908   c. 1966   d. 1985

Which of the following does not supervise any level of higher education institutions in Nigeria?

a. National Universities Commission (NUC)b. National Board for Technical Education (NBTE)
c. Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)
d. National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE)

According to the national policy on education, the objectives of pre primary education is to achieve the following except _________

a. Literacy and numeracy
b. counting of letters
c. counting of Numbers
d. identification of Colours

The early schools in Nigeria were confronted with the following problems except _____

a. Lack of education laws and policy
b. Type of education to provide
c. financing
d. Non interest of Christian missions

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