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The colonial administration showed interest in financing education in Nigeria in the year _____

(a) 1877    (b) 1896    (c) 1814    (d) 1882

Currently qualified teachers are classified as following except

a. Category A teachers (Ph.D Education or plus education certificate)
b. Category B teachers (M.Ed or M.Sc/M.A plus education certificate)
c. Category C teachers (B.ED or B.Sc/B.A plus education certificate)
d. Category E (unqualified and unregistrable quack teachers without education qualification)

The early schools in Nigeria were confronted with the following problems except _____

a. Lack of education laws and policy
b. Type of education to provide
c. financing
d. Non interest of Christian missions

Under the UPE mandate, the benchmark to consider a person literate in Nigeria he/she must...

a. Be able to read and write
b. Have completed the primary school
c. Have completed nine years of primary and junior secondary school
d. Be a graduate from higher institution

According to TRCN act, the duties and mandates of TRCN include the following except ______

a. Determining who is a teacher
b. Determining what standard of knowledge a teacher should possess
c. Regulating and controlling the teaching profession
d. Agitating for increased teacher’s salary

Who propagated modern education to Nigerians?

a. The French b. The Romans   c. Britain   d. U.S.A

The UPE teachers’ training schools in the 70s trained teachers for a period of ________

a. One year    b. Nine months   c. 3 years    d. 4years

Where did curriculum first begin as a distinct field?

a. USA    b. Greek    c. Roman    cl. Britain

The Universal Primary Education (UPE) was established in _______

a. 1960   b. 1969   c. 1975    d. 1979

The National Universities Commission was established in the year...

a. 1960    b. 1962    c. 1974    d.1977

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