TRCN PQE 006 – The Teaching Profession – Practice Test

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What does the acronym AFTRA mean?

a. Africa Front for teachers Registration Authority
b. Africa Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities
c. Africa Forum for Teachers in Africa
d. Africa Front of Teaching Regulatory Authorities

According to the Act, TRCN may do the following except ________

a. Approve any course of training considered sufficient in knowledge and skill for teaching practice
b. It may withdraw any course approved for training teachers if it deems it necessary
c. Supervise the nature of instruction given in any approved course of teaching
d. liaise with governments for the employment of teachers

According to TRCN act, the duties and mandates of TRCN include the following except

a. Determining who is a teacher
b. Determining what standard of knowledge a teacher should posses
c. Regulating and controlling the teaching profession
d. Agitating for increased teachers salary

Qualities of a good professional include the following except

a. law abiding
b. competence
c. willing to serve
d. abetting non professionals to practice

In what year did the government made Nigeria certificate in Education NCE the minimum teaching qualification in Nigeria?

a. 1960    b. 1976    c. 1979    d. 1977

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