TRCN PQE 006 – The Teaching Profession – Practice Test (Score 70%; Win FREE Airtime)

TRCN PQE 006 – The Teaching Profession – Practice Test

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Which of the following characteristics is not a reason why teaching is a profession?

a. They are guided by ethics and code of conduct
b. Long period of specialised training
c. Freedom to practice by members
d. Attraction of better salary

Which of the following habit inhibit learner’s ability to adequately think?

a. listening
b. note taking
c. teachers oral delivery
d. sensory information

The teacher should vary and diversify which of the following to maintain learning interest? .

a. Learning experiences    b. Sitting position    c. Classes    d Language

The following does not define professionalism  

a. Occupation which can claim exclusive, technical competence with its own laws and ethics
b. a calling where one acquires special knowledge used in serving the public in some way.
c. A job people do to earn a living
d. An occupation with quality control measure

The registration qualifications for TRCN are as following except _____

a. Ph.D    b. N.C.E    c. B.ED    d. M.ED

In the ratio studiorium system of education introduced by the Jesuits, teaching was taught to emphasize the following except _______

a. punish a student
b. give necessary notes
c. spend last part of lesson to revise all he taught
d. begin the lesson with revision of previous lesson as well as end the lesson with repetition of points made

The use of instructional resources in teaching and learning began with ______

a. Evans    b. Pestallozi    c. Bacon    d. Quintillania

Which provisions of the constitution established TRCN?

a. CapT3 of 1993    b. CapT3 of 1960    c. CapT3 of 200l    d. CapT3 of 1977

Which of these is not among qualities of a good teacher?

a. Self-Discipline and hardworking
b. Role model
c. Trust worthy
d. Fear Instilling teacher against failure

Which of the following negates teaching professionalisation in Nigeria

a. Creation of TRCN
b. Existence of professional bodies
c. Existence of quacks in schools
d. Existence of teachers code of conduct and professional standards

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