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The Nigeria Union of Teachers was founded in the year______.

a. 1904    b. 1930    c. 1950    d. 1960

The major task of any educational system ____

a. Ensure that learners get to school at right time
b. Equipping learners with knowledge and skills for economic, political
and social survival
c. ensure people graduate from school
d. Equipping learners with cognitive knowledge

The different Philosophical ideologies are studied by intended teachers for which of the following reasons?

a. To expose them to different views and to formulate his own to solve educational needs.
b. To guide him from using wrong ideologies to solve classroom needs
c. To prevent him from using old ideologies in solving educational needs
d. To guide him formulate new ideologies in solving educational needs

Which of the following is not a teacher union in Nigeria?

a. NUT    b. ASUU    c. TRCN     d. ASUP

Studying is done at ______

a. The library    b. Home    c. The evening    d. All of the above

The following learners attributes can be exploited to facilitate learning except?

a. The age
b. Child’s capacity (fast or slow learner)
c. Child’s zeal or understanding abilities
d. Child’s economic background

The overall implication of UPE teacher training schools to teacher education is

a. influx of unqualified teachers in schools
b. increase of teachers in schools
c. influx of students in schools
d. non regulation of teaching

The NUT became registered as a trade union in the year

a. 1931    b. 1941    c. 1951    d. 1960

What does the acronym AFTRA mean?

a. Africa Front for teachers Registration Authority
b. Africa Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities
c. Africa Forum for Teachers in Africa
d. Africa Front of Teaching Regulatory Authorities

The national policy on Education came into effect in the year ______

a. 1977    b. 1979    c. 1969    d. 1960

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