TRCN PQE 005 – Guidance and Counselling – Practice Test

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According to the NPE objectives of the guidance and counselor exclude the following

a. to assist students make satisfactory career decisions and adjust to life
b. to assist the gifted and handicapped learners to maximize their potentials
c. to change unacceptable behavior among adolescents
d. to restore student’s self-esteem

Identify which of the following is incorrect of guidance and counseling

a. It helps individuals understand themselves
b. It helps students assess themselves
c. Guidance indentifies individual uniqueness
d. It uses force to correct an individual

Guidance and counseling began in U.S.A in the year _____

(a) 1908    (b) 1900    (c) 1920    (d) 1946

The commencement of modern guidance and counseling in Nigeria began with activities of some Reverend Sisters in vocational guidance in the year _____

(a) 1958     (b) 1962     (c) 1968     (d) 1948

The success or failure of counseling services in school does not depend on _____

(a) teachers    (b) parents    (c) pupils    (d) academic programmes

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