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Guidance and counseling helps individuals to do the following except

a. Cope with various situations they find themselves
b. To live well and understand themselves
c. Helps Individuals develop his maximum potentials
d. Helps abnormal people adjust to life

A doctor is to a patient, what a counselor is to a....?

a. student    b. patient    c. Client     d. Customer

Counseling Association of Nigeria began in the year ____

(a) 1960    (b) 1976    (c) 1992    (d) 1975

Guidance and counseling aims at

a. Preaching morality to learners
b. Removing things that may work against learners growth physically, emotionally and mentally
c. Helping learners got to school
d. Helping learners get well

Practitioner related problems in the development of guidance and counseling in Nigeria is which of the following?

(a) environmental resistance
(b) confidentiality
(c) poor funding
(d) government commitment

The Counseling Association of Nigeria acronym CAN, was changed to CASSON in ______

(a) 1976    (b) 1980    (c) 1981    (d) 1992

The psychoanalytic theory is associated with which of the following

(a) Carl Rogers   (b) Sigmund Freud   (c) John Krumboltz   (d) Abraham Maslow

The first effort to establish a career association in Nigeria was in ____

(a) 1960    (b) 1958    (c) 1961    (d) 1970

Guidance and counseling began in U.S.A in the year _____

(a) 1908    (b) 1900    (c) 1920    (d) 1946

Some important ethics of counseling profession exclude the following

a. Confidentiality
b. Provision safety
c. Access to referral
d. Honesty

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