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“Previous knowledge” requires the following except _______

a. Learner’s field of experience
b. earner’s basic experience.
c. Learner’s entry behaviour
d. Learner’s contributions to lesson

Perception is a key concept in which of the following theory

a. Behavioural
b. Cognitive
c. Classical conditioning
d. Operant conditioning

Factors that influence students motivation excludes the following

a. interest    b. attitude    c. curiosity    d. fear

Learning can take place in the following places except

a. School    b. Bus    c. toilet    d. All of the above

The individual or self-instruction mode of learning is a concept of what theory?

a. Maslow’s theory
b. Behaviorism (SR theory)
c. Sociology theory
d. Cognitive theory
Which of the following psychology theory holds that human beings are provided with the ability to learn even before birth (from perception)?

a. behaviourists    b. cognitive    c. S-R    d. Gestalt

Learning can be categorised as the following except

a. Correct and incorrect learning
b. Conscious and unconscious learning
c. Overt and covert leaning
d. instinctive and non-instinctive learning

Which of the following best defines educational psychology?

a. The application of psychology principles to the problems confronting the
teacher in an education situation
b. The application of education principles in psychology
c. The application of psychology and educational techniques to aid the
teacher in classroom
d. The application of principles of learning in education

Which of the following propounded that “all humans are born with a drive to achieve their full potentials and to behave in ways consistent with their true self”

a. Carl Rogers    b. Skinner   c. Maslow    d. Pavlov

The id adjusts to the following defense mechanism to cope with conflicts from our personality except

a. Projection    b. Rationalisation    c. Displacement    d. Pretension

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