TRCN PQE 003 – Sociology of Education Practice Test

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Sociology can be defined as the following

a. A study of social behaviour
b. A study of human groups
c. A study of human interactions
d. A study of human identity

Sociology of education attempts an examination of the following except

a. Educational processes
b. School as a social group
c. Educational methodology
d. Educational functions

A leaner is a product of

a. His environment
b. Hereditary
c. Nurture and environment
d. Environment and heredity

Agency of socialization includes the following except?

a. The family     b. School     c. peer group      d. NUT

Karl Max in his theory views class as a group of people in common relationship to ______

(a) power    (b) means of production    (c) religion    (d) education

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