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Socialization is simply defined as

a. friendliness
b. knowing and accumulating friends
c. knowing the world
d. acquisition of knowledge and skills to be integrated into society

The teachers’ training and development of child’s moral and social life through schooling for survival in society is an example of

a. primary socialization
b. schooling socialization
c. formal socialization
d. advanced socialization

Sociology deals with the following except

a. The totality of man’s interaction in society
b. Systematic and scientific study of social behaviours and human groups
c. The influence of social conditions or human relationship
d. A totality of man and animal interaction in society

Conflict theory is associated with the following

(a) Abraham Maslow    (b) Karl Max    (c) Weber    (d) Sigmund Freud

Social stratification are societal ranking according to the following except

(a) Income    (b) Height    (c) Age    (d) Education

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