TRCN PQE 002 – Philosophy of Education – Practice Test

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The philosophic mode concerned with setting standards of concept as right or wrong, good and bad, ugly and beautiful is ______

a. Analytical    b. Speculative    c. Prescriptive    d. Anxiology

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with ______

a. Ultimate search for knowledge
b. Ultimate nature of reality
c. Ultimate nature of physics
d. Ultimate nature of forces

The call for restructuring of Nigerian federation is an exercise which portends ______

a. Democratic Nigeria
b. United Nigeria
c. Free and egalitarian society
d. Inequality and Dissatisfaction

Aristotle’s contribution to educational development include the following areas except

a. Biology    b. Theater arts    c. Physics     d. Poetry

Which of the following philosophical schools doubt the possibility for knowledge?

a. Agnostics   b. Realistic    c. Skeptics   d. Empiricists

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