TRCN PQE 002 – Philosophy of Education – Practice Test

Hello and Welcome to TRCN PQE 002 – Philosophy of Education - Practice Test

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Which of the following is not a concern of metaphysics?

a. Cosmology   b. Ontology    c. Oncology   d. Astronomy

In explanation of the world man’s experience of the world can be summarised as following

a. Material things
b. ideas and feeling
c. Non material things
d. Material and non-material things

Indoctrination is different from teaching by ______

a. Content    b. Method    c. Intention    d. Restriction to analysis and questioning

Which of these branches of philosophy is specifically concerned with education and knowledge?

a. logic    b. metaphysics      c. epistemology     d. all of above

The national policy on education in Nigeria was introduced in ______

a. 1977    b. 1998    c. 1974    d. 1976

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