TRCN PQE 002 – Philosophy of Education – Practice Test

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The branch of philosophy concerned with knowledge is called ______

a. Epistemology
b. Philosophy of education
c. Axiology
d. General philosophy

Which of these branches of philosophy is specifically concerned with education and knowledge?

a. logic    b. metaphysics      c. epistemology     d. all of above

The quit notice and call for reorganization of Nigeria is an action of ______

a. Democratic Exuberance
b. Lack of cohesion in attainment of national value
c. Desire for expansion
d. Call for rebellion

Which of the following is not a concern of metaphysics?

a. Cosmology   b. Ontology    c. Oncology   d. Astronomy

Which of the following captures the goals of any educational system

a. for acquisition of skill, morals and knowledge
b. for acquisition of national consciousness, reading and writing
c. for the acquisition of technological, development and right values
d. for acquisition of knowledge, peace and unity

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