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The quit notice and call for reorganization of Nigeria is an action of ______

a. Democratic Exuberance
b. Lack of cohesion in attainment of national value
c. Desire for expansion
d. Call for rebellion

The following are the relevance of philosophy of education except ______

a. It attempts to understand the totality of education
b. Attempts to interpret education using Philosophical concepts
c. It uses Philosophical methods in investigating educational matter
d. It shows the difference between education and philosophy

Which of these branches of philosophy is specifically concerned with education and

a. logic    b. metaphysics      c. epistemology     d. all of above

Which of the following is not an importance of Philosophy of education to the teacher?

a. Enhancement of teacher ability to influence educational policy
b. Enhances teachers habit of reflection, curiosity and speculation
c. It helps in the development of critical mind in both the teacher and learner
d. It assist teachers argue their way out against status quo

The aims and objectives of Nigeria education as captured in the National Policy on Education excludes the following

a. Unity and national consciousness
b. Right values and attitude
c. Training of the mind for military preparation
d. Acquisition of mental and physical skills

Select which of the following option is incorrect relationship between philosophy and education

a. philosophy and education are both concerned with knowledge
b. philosophy and education both transmit desirable societal knowledge
c. every educational system is derived from philosophy
d. philosophy seeks to resolve questions on the ends, means and purpose of education

The following contributed “pragmatism” as a philosophic school of thought except

a. Greeks    b. South African    c. British    d. Americans (USA)

Philosophical modes exclude the following except ______

a. Prescriptive    b. Analytic     c. Speculative    d. Logical

Which of this philosophical school of thought is firmly rooted in the idea of “seeing is believing?

a. Pragmatism    b. Existentialism    C. Progressivism    d. Realism

Which of the following aspects of knowledge is philosophy concerned with?

a. teaching    b. instruction    c. indoctrination    d. revelation

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