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The relevance of Philosophy of education to the teacher excludes which of the following?

a. Tolerance and diversity of views
b. Tolerance in competing educational views
c. indoctrination of extreme theologies
d. Critical thinking and reflection of issues

To call someone a Philosopher is to call the person a ______

a. a national leader
b. a wise man
c. a lover of knowledge
d. a lover of nature

Philosophy of education is important due to ______

a. Philosophical issues
b. Educational issues
c. Sociological issues
d. Religious issues

The quit notice and call for reorganization of Nigeria is an action of ______

a. Democratic Exuberance
b. Lack of cohesion in attainment of national value
c. Desire for expansion
d. Call for rebellion

The word “philosophy” was taken from which of the following Greek words?

a. Sophia and logo
b. Logos and philos
c. Philos and philos
d. Philos and Sophia

Which of this philosophical school of thought is firmly rooted in the idea of “seeing is believing?

a. Pragmatism    b. Existentialism    C. Progressivism    d. Realism

The ethical revolution in Nigeria captioned “change begins with me” was introduced by?

a. Shehu Shagari   b. Olusegun Obasanjo    c. Muhammadu Buhari    d. Umar Yar’adua

Which of these branches of philosophy is specifically concerned with education and

a. logic    b. metaphysics      c. epistemology     d. all of above

Which of the following is not true of philosophy and education?

a. Philosophy and education are both concerned with knowledge
b. Philosophy examines the values of life, while education transmits those values
c. Every educational system is based directly on some philosophy
d. Education examines the values of life, while philosophy transmits them

Which of the following philosophical schools doubt the possibility for knowledge?

a. Agnostics   b. Realistic    c. Skeptics   d. Empiricists

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