TRCN PQE 001 – History of Education – Practice Test

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Provisions of the first education ordinance exclude which of the following except

a. General board of education
b. Local board of education
c. Appointment of inspector of schools
d. None of the above

In the year 1805 during Mungo Park’s second missionary journey to Africa, he was attacked and was drowned at _______

A. Lokoja    B. Bussa    C. Benue    D. Lagos

The earliest colonial traders entered Nigeria though:

a. River Nile      b. Cross river     c. River Niger     d. Cameroon river

The first secondary school in Nigeria began in the year

a. 1843    b. 1852      C. 1859      d. 1876

Which of these is not a solution to Nigeria education problem?

a. Education reform to suit Nigeria need
b. strengthening education agencies and institutions
c. Good governance
d. Promoting Federal Character in education

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