TRCN PQE 001 – History of Education – Practice Test

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Islam was introduced in western Nigeria in which century?

a. 6th     b. 14th     C. 15th     d. 16th

The major difference between the western education and traditional education was

a. One was formal, the other informal
b. One satisfied societal, needs, the other did not
c. One satisfied practical economic needs of society, the other did not
d. All of the above

Which of the following came to the rescue of education at the collapse of the Roman Empire?

a. Athens   b. Sparta   c. Greeks   d. The Church

Which of these characters is not at the forefront of modern education?

a. Macmillan   b. Rousseau   c. Montessori   d. Evans

The colonial government in Nigeria first showed interest in education in the year ……

a. 1885     b. 1862     c. 1900     d. 1914

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