TRCN PQE 001 – History of Education – Practice Test

Hello and Welcome to TRCN PQE 001 - History of Education - Practice Test

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At the introduction of school fees by colonial administration, school fees were charged per ____

a. Month   b. Term   c. Week  d. Day

The Roman education emphasizes  _____

a. Religion
b. Moral and intellectual education
c. Military and practical training
d. adult education

The first inspector of schools for African British Colonies referred then as her majesty inspector of schools was ______

a. Metcalfe Saunters   b. Henry Car   c. Ajayi Crowder   d. Aja Nwachukwu

The Roman approach to education was that education should hold at …………..

a. School   b. Home   c. Church    d. Public square

Athens Educational system helps other countries in the following areas:

a. Spiritual development
b. Political stability
c. Military and sport development
d. Economic development

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