TRCN PQE 001 – History of Education – Practice Test

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Provisions of the first education ordinance exclude which of the following except

a. General board of education
b. Local board of education
c. Appointment of inspector of schools
d. None of the above

The Christian Missionaries began their activities in Nigeria in the year...

a. 1842   b. 1860   c. 1820   d. 1866

Islam was first introduced in some Northern parts of Nigeria in which century?

a. 6th     b. 12th      C. 15th      d. 16th

The ratio studiorium as a system of education is credited to?

a. Loyola Jesuits   b. Athens   c. Greeks   d. Romans

Currently qualified teachers are classified as following except ______

a. Category A teachers (Ph.D Education or plus education certificate)
b. Category B teachers (MEd or plus education certificate)
c. Category C teachers (B.ED or plus education certificate)
d. Category E (unqualified and unregistrable quack teachers without education qualification)

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