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World over, the art and science of modern education is traceable to ______

a. The British   b. The Egyptians   c. The Romans   d. The Greeks

Provisions of the first Nigerian education ordinance excludes the following

a. Board of education
b. Grant in aids to schools
c. Certification of teachers
d. Access to schools with no discrimination on race or religion

Athens Educational system helps other countries in the following areas:

a. Spiritual development
b. Political stability
c. Military and sport development
d. Economic development

Which of the following is the first tertiary institution in Nigeria?

a. University of Nigeria Nsukka
b. University of Ibadan
c. Saint Andrews College Oyo
d. Yaba Higher College (Yaba College of Technology)

Which of the following became the first purely Nigerian Education Ordinance?

a. Southern Nigerian Education ordinance of 1887
b. Education ordinance of 1982
c. Education ordinance of 1908
d. Education ordinance of 1914

Which of the following came to the rescue of education at the collapse of the Roman Empire?

a. Athens   b. Sparta   c. Greeks   d. The Church

The ratio studiorium as a system of education is credited to?

a. Loyola Jesuits   b. Athens   c. Greeks   d. Romans

Who propagated modern education to Nigerians?

a. The French   b. The Romans   c. Britain   d. U.S.A

The collapse of the Roman Empire, led to the loss of the following relics in education except

a. Libraries
b. organized educational system
c. Accumulated education heritage
d. Christian education

The forerunner of modern inspectorate service in education are ______

a. Athens, Greek    b. Sparta, Greek    c. oxford, Britain    d. America

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