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Which of the following is the first tertiary institution in Nigeria?

a. University of Nigeria Nsukka
b. University of Ibadan
c. Saint Andrews College Oyo
d. Yaba Higher College (Yaba College of Technology)

Athens Educational system helps other countries in the following areas:

a. Spiritual development
b. Political stability
c. Military and sport development
d. Economic development

The first education ordinances were passed in British West Africa education in the year?

a. 1877    b. 1882    c.1887   d.1892

British education was directly derived from ………….

a. The Greeks   b. Nigeria   c. Romans   d. USA

The Roman education emphasizes  _____

a. Religion
b. Moral and intellectual education
c. Military and practical training
d. adult education

The British Education in Nigeria suffered the following problems except

a. Lack of standard qualification for teachers
b. Lack of central education law
c. Support of local chiefs
d. Lack of personnel

The alphabet system as used was invented by the …………….

a. Christians    b. Greeks    c. Athenians   d. Romans

The Roman approach to education was that education should hold at …………..

a. School   b. Home   c. Church    d. Public square

Select the true statement from the following

a. There was no education when the colonial masters carne to Africa
b. The missionaries brought education to Africac. The traditional educational practices do not satisfy political, social and economic need of the society.
d. The traditional education had no specific curriculum

The renaissance period of education brought out a new method of thinking referred to as ______

a. early period    b. scientific method    c. modern method   d. historic period

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