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How many of the roommates were there when Tomiwa's phone rang by 8pm?

A. 3    B. 2    C. 1    D. none

‘They screamed and shouted and ululated. Another word for ululated is ______

A. danced     B. singed     C. roared     D. talked

According to Habib, Tomiwa is to share _______ each to her roommates

A. N 20,000     B. N 10,000     C. N 5,000     D. N 50,000

Tomiwa, one of Salma's roommates is from _______

A. Lagos State     B. Oyo State     C. North     D. Middle belt

'My friend didn’t feel like giving you her number so she gave you mine instead'.

Who is the friend being referred to in the statement above?

A. Ada B. Ngozi C. Ummi D. Salma

According to the examination rules and regulation of Ahmadu Bello University, students are to
arrived the examination hall ______ minutes before commencement.

A. 10     B. 20     C. 30     D. 40

According to Ummi, one of the students' favorite meal on campus is _______

A. Snail meal     B. Jollof rice     C. Indomie jollof     D. Garri

The most influential person in the State after the State Governor and Deputy Governor is ______

A. State Chief Judge
B. Accountant General of the State
C. Speaker, State House of Assembly
D. Deputy Speaker, State House of Assembly

A scarified face according to Ummi's husband means ______

A. smooth face
B. a face with sunshades
C. a face with tribal marks
D. a face with decent make ups

Omar was given admission to study _______.

A. Mechanical Engineering     B. Medicine and Surgery     C. Chemistry     D. Law

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