(a) Non-Adherence to Instructions: The major reason why students fail their examinations is non-adherence to instructions. There are specified instructions that guide every examination and these instructions are written on the question paper.

Students are therefore advised to read all the instructions very well to determine what exactly the examiner wanted them to do.

(b) Abuse of appropriate formats: Every good writer should know the type of essay that begins with only the title and the one that begins with both title and salutation. He should also know the type of letter writing that requires one address, date and yours sincerely and the type of letter that demands for two addresses, date, yours faithfully and signature.

Therefore, any abuse of the appropriate formats by the students leads to his failing the examination.

(c) Grammatical Expression: A good writer impresses his reader whenever he appears simple and concise in either his essay or letter. He must avoid big and irrelevant words that are not needed in his expression.

Any word the student does not know the spelling, and usage should not be used. Pronunciation, meaning and usage should not be used.

(d) Construction and Coordination of Words: The student must encourage good readership by constructing and coordinating both his words and points very well. This enhances easy flow and meaningful expression.

(e) Lack of Practice: The student should know that no good footballer performs well in the football pitch without practice. The same applies to a good essay or letter. Constant practice of writing helps him to develop his writing skill.

(f) Legibility: A student who has bad handwriting fails his examinations because his teacher finds it extremely difficult to read his work. He may be the most brilliant in the class but his handwriting becomes his problem.

Constant practice on writing will help such students to improve on their handwriting.

Culled from Essay Writing By Elekwashi

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