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______________ is the location of the action of the plot.

A. Setting    B. Narrative technique    C. Point of view    D. Characterization

A dirge is a poem sung

A. to send a child to sleep.    B. to make workers happy.    C. at a birthday party.    D. at a funeral.

A farce refers to a drama that has elements of the _____

A. serious     B. satiric    C. comic     D. tragic

In Literature, repetition is used essentially for

A. rhyme.    B. suspense.    C. allusion.    D. emphasis

‘Lift not the painted veil which those who live
call life: through unreal shapes be pictured
there, And it but mimic all we would believe
With colours idly spread,-behind, lurk fear.' -

P.B sheliey: Sonnet

The stanza above is an example of a ______

A. couplet.    B. seslet.    C. quatrain.    D. sonnet.

He is a faithful liar. The line above is an example of _____

A. euphemism.   B. antithesis.     C. epigram.    D. oxymoron.

The first four lines of the Shakespearean sonnet rhyme

A. abcd.    B. abba.    C. abab.    D. cdcd.

Read the stanza and answer question below:

Pan, O great Pan, to thee
Thus do we sing!
Thou who keep’st chaste and free
As the young spring:
Ever be thy honour spake
From that place the morn is broke
To the place day doth unyoke.

The stanza is an example of

A. appellation.    B. apostrophe.    C. euphemism.    D. elegy.

The performers in a play constitute the

A. chorus.    B. characters.    C. audience.    D. cast

The speech made at the end of a dramatic performance is generally called ______

A. a prologue.   B. an epilogue.    C. a dirge.   D. a monologue.

Which of the following is central to narrative friction?

A. Verisimilitude.    B. Dialogue.    C. Objectivity.    D. Subjectivity.

In literature, a fiat character can be described as one who ______

A. is undeveloped.
B. undergoes changes.
C. dies abruptly.
D. achieves greatness.

The use of imagery in prose or verse

A. appeals to the senses.    B. develops the plot.    C. creates confusion.    D. obscures meaning

Read the poem and answer the question.

Proud mothers of the coming age,
‘Tis good to find you now engage
Your minds and time your lives to raise
Above the level of bygone days.

‘Tis good to see you play your part
Wfth spirit and undaunted heart,
It gives young Afric’s throbbing soul
A glimpse of a bright and glorious goal.

God bless you, mothers of our race,
God cause to shine on you His face;
And give you strength and all you crave
To bring forth sons and daughters brave

The rhyme scheme is

A. aabb ccdd eeff.    B. abab abab aabb.    C. abca abbc abab.    D. abba abca abab

A ballad is essentially a _____________ poem.

A. descriptive    B. dramatic    C. pastoral    D. narrative

Tone and mood of a poem refer to ______

A. locale.    B. atmosphere    C. setting.    D. space.

A character that develops in the course of a novel or play is described as

A. flat    B. antagonist.    C. round.    D. protagonist

In drama, the __________ creates humour.

A. hero    B. clown    C. villain    D. chorus

He put himself in uniform, made one for his
five-year-old son, and marched with the
infant from dawn till noon every market day,
on the main road singing 'Kayiwawa beturi..

The persona in the excerpt above is portrayed as ______

A. a soldier.    B. abnormal.    C. energetic.    D. a policeman.

You. Your head is like a drum that is beaten
for spirits.
You. Your ears are like the fans used for
blowing fire.

The lines above are good example of ______

A. satire.    B. lampoon.    C. caricature.   D. ridicule.

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