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The decision at the Council of Jerusalem laid to rest the issue of _____

A. circumcision before one can be saved.
B. abstaining from unchastity.
C. circumcision of all Gentiles for Christ.
D. abstaining from the pollutions of idols.

God promised the faithless Israelites that if they repented of their sins and returned to Him, He would ______

A. fill them with His knowledge
B. deliver their enemies into their hands
C. give them shepherds after His own heart
D. give them favour in the sight of the nations.

Moses told the Israelites that the LORD would give them flesh in the evening and bread in the morning because He had _____

A. heard their prayers.
B. seen their suffering.
C. heard their murmurings.
D. promised to feed them.

According to Peter, the genuineness of Christian faith is tested by ______

A. fire B. suffering C. temptation D. trials.

According to Paul, before his conversion, he persecuted the church violently to _____

A. destroy it.   B. have it conform to the law.   C. make it desirable to the Gentiles.   D. purge it.

The angel told Zachariah that John the Baptist would drink no wine nor strong drink because he would _____

A. only eat locusts and wild honey
B. be the forerunner of Jesus
C. baptize sinners who would come too Him
D. be filled with the Holy Spirit.

One quality of a good disciple that was exhibited by the first followers of Jesus was

A diligence. B. resourcefulness. C. faith. D. piousness.

How did Joshua react to the defeat of the Israelites by the men of Ai?

A. He prayed to God
B. He rent his clothes
C. He consulted the priest
D. He fasted all day.

The new covenant God made with the house of Judah was written on _______

A. stones    B. tablets    C. their foreheads    D. their hearts.

According to the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, when God reconciled believers to Him through Christ, He gave them the ______

A. ability to sin no more.
B. grace to be His friends.
C. ministry of reconciliation.
D. world to protect.

After Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed Jerusalem, he took the inhabitants into exile but left behind the _____

A. temple guards    B. poorest people    C. noblemen    D. priests

Nehemiah, while in exile functions as the king's ______

A. adviser.   B. cupbearer.   C. servant.   D. guard.

The young man of Egypt took David to the band of the Amalekites because _____

A. David was kind to him.
B. the spirit of God was working through him.
C. he was afraid for his life.
D. he sought revenge against his former master.

The golden calf which Aaron made for Israel was an evidence of .......

A. a plot to replace Moses.
B. lack of faith in God.
C. their fear of the Canaanites.
D. an attempt to revolt against God.

“…. The soul that sins shall die”…….

The statement above by Prophet Ezekiel means that

A. God will judge the soul of a sinner
B. a sinner shall not escape punishment
C. every person is responsible for his own sin
D. the wages of sin is death.

The second creation story ends with the institution of ______

A. the Passover    B. circumcision    C. the Sabbath    D. marriage.

“ … but he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep …”

The door in the statement above refers to _____

A. Jesus    B. the gospel    C. Peter    D. the law.

Paul taught the Romans that while they were yet enemies of God, they were reconciled to Him by the ______

A. death of Jesus Christ
B. suffering of Jesus Christ
C. resurrection of Jesus Christ
D. ascension of Jesus Christ.

God exalted the name of Jesus above every other name in heaven and on earth because ______

A. in humility, he counted others better than Himself
B. He humbled Himself to be born in human form and was obedient to death
C. as Son of God, He counted equality with God a thing to be grasped
D. Jesus was born in the likeness of man.

David’s immediate reaction to the news that the hearts of the Israelites have gone after Absalom was to ______

A. mobilize his army.    B. plead with Absalom.    C. weep for Judah.    D. flee to the wilderness.

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