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According to Paul in his letter to Philemon, forgiveness should not be by compulsion but by ______

A. free will.    B. His grace.    C. justification.   D. faith.

Jonah’s explanation to the LORD for resisting His first call teaches us that GOD is _____

A. quick to anger.   B. not sincere in His call.   C. repentant of evil.   D. no ready to act fast.

Hiram, King of Tyre, was friendly with King Solomon because he ______

A. loved the wisdom of Solomon
B. loved David, Solomon’s father
C. was afraid of war
D. wanted to assist Solomon.

The Macedonians who travelled with Paul to Ephesus were

A. Demetrius and Alexander
B. Alexander and Gaius
C. Demetrius and Aristarchus
D. Gaius and Aristarchus

David did not allow Abishai to destroy Saul because he _____

A. wanted to disarm Saul before killing him
B. believed in the judgment of God
C. wanted to see if Saul would repent eventually
D. wanted to avoid being guilty before the LORD.

When Naboth refused to exchange his vineyard with King Ahab, Ahab reacted by

A. ordering the killing of Naboth.
B. forcefully taking it from him.
C. taking to prayers and fasting.
D. going to his house vexed and sullen.

The wise men from the East were able to know about the birth of Jesus because they were ______

A. geographers.    B. explorer.    C. star-worshippers.    D. astrologer.

According to Jeremiah, the new covenant is based on _____

A. circumcision. B. providence. C. righteousness. D. restoration.

Saul retied on a medium because God did not answer him through

A. dreams, urim and prophets.
B. lyre, urim and prophets.
C. dreams, visions and prophets.
D. inspiration, tambourines and prophets.

How did Joshua react to the defeat of the Israelites by the men of Ai?

A. He prayed to God
B. He rent his clothes
C. He consulted the priest
D. He fasted all day.

“…. The earth produces of itself, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear…”

The statement above was made by Jesus in the parable of the _____

A. Weeds      B. seed growing secretly      C. sower      D. mustard seed.

“Father Abraham, have mercy upon me, and send Lazarus …”

Abraham could not grant the rich man’s request above because ______

A. his dogs used to lick Lazarus’ sores.
B. he had no pity on the rich man.
C. there was a chasm between them.
D. the rich man lived in luxury while on earth.

According to the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, when God reconciled believers to Him through Christ, He gave them the ______

A. ability to sin no more.
B. grace to be His friends.
C. ministry of reconciliation.
D. world to protect.

According to Romans, justification is by faith through ______

A. works of righteousness
B. redemption in Christ
C. being filled with the Holy Spirit
D. obedience to the law.

The sign of the covenant between God and Noah for all future generations was _____

A. a treaty of peace.   B. bow in the cloud.   C. cloud   D. circumcision

“‘.., Behold, your king Is coming to you, humble, and mounted on an ass..’”

The prophecy in the statement above was fulfilled during Jesus ______

A. triumphal entry. B. baptism by John. C. birth in a manger. D. transfiguration.

The seeds that fell among the thorns in the parable of the sower refer to people that heard the word of God but ______

A. the criticism of others quenched it.
B. the cares of the world choked it.
C. the evil one snatched it.
D. had no faith to nurture it.

In Colossians, Paul admonished believers not to lie to one another because they ____

A. had put off the old nature with its practices
B. had known the truth from the very beginning
C. were waiting for the second coming of Christ
D. were joint heirs with Christ in the kingdom.

“... Why then have you not kept watch over your lord the king?...”

The question above by David was addressed to ______

A. Abishai.    B. Abner.    C. Amasa.    D. Joab.

According to Colossians, the Lord does not wish that any should perish, but that all should ______

A. be humble.    B. repent.    C. rejoice.    D. be saved.

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