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A rectangular block of dimensions 2.0 m x 1.0 m x 0.5 m weighs 200 N. Calculate the maximum pressure exerted by the block on a horizontal floor.

A. 100 Nm-2     B. 200 Nm-2     C. 300 Nm-2     D. 400 Nm-2

Which of the following quantities has the same unit as energy?

A. Power    B. Work    C. Force    D. Momentum

A bar magnet is placed near and lying along the axis of a solenoid connected to a galvanometer. The pointer of the galvanometer shows no deflection when

A. the magnet is moved away from the stationary solenoid
B. the solenoid is moved away from the stationary magnet
C. the magnet is moved towards the stationary solenoid
D. there is no relative motion between the magnet and the solenoid.

The diagram above shows three forces F1, F2 and F3, which keep the bar AB in horizontal equilibrium. Which of the following equations is correct?

A. F3 = F1 + F2
B. F2 = F1 + F3
C. F1 = F2 – F3
D. F1 = F2 + F3

An object of mass 0.25 kg moves at a height h above the ground with a speed of 4ms-1. if its mechanical energy at this height is 12 J, determine the value of h. [ g = 10 ms-2]

A. 0.8 m    B. 4.0 m    C. 4.8 m    D. 5.6 m

Each of the following physical quantities is classified as a vector or a scalar quantity. Which of the classifications is correct?

A. Electric potential (Vector)
B. Momentum (Scalar)
C. Gravitational field intensity (Scalar)
D. Magnetic flux density (Vector)

An electric motor is a machine that converts

A. mechanical energy into electrical energy
B. electrical energy into mechanical energy
C. high voltage to low voltage
D. low voltage to high voltage.

In which of the following media is the transmission of sound waves fastest?

A. Vacuum    B. Air    C. Wood    D. Iron

Control in nuclear reactors is effected with boron rods because the rods have the ability to

A. absorb electrons    B. absorb neutrons    C. accelerate electrons    D. slow down neutrons

Fuel was consumed at a steady rate of 5.0 x 10-2 kg per second in a rocket engine and ejected as a gas with a speed of 4 x 103 ms-1. Determine the thrust on the rocket.

A. 20 N     B. 80 N     C. 200 N     D. 800 N

The design of the thermostat of an electric Iron is based on the

A. emission of electrone from metals when heated
B. Increase in size of metals when heated
C. Increase in the density of metals when heated
D. change in the mass of metals when heated.

A body of mass m has a specific heat capacity s, and a heat capacity, c. If the temperature of the body changes by θoC, which of the following equations is correct?

A. msθ = mc-1      B. ms = c     C. ms = sθ     D. ms = cθ

When a radioactive substance undergoes a beta decay, its

A. mass number decreases by 1
B. atomic number decreases by 1
C. mass number increases by 1
D. atomic number increases by 1

A ball is dropped and it hits the floor at a point A. It rebounds upwards to a point B. While moving from A to B its

A. kinetic energy is increasing
B. potential energy is increasing
C. potential energy is decreasing
D. kinetic energy remains constant

The pressure exerted by a given mass of gas in a container

A. decreases if the container is heated
B. increases if the molecules of the gas move faster
C. increases if the volume of the container is doubled
D. decreases as the kinetic energy of the gas molecules increases
A body of mass 5 kg moving with a velocity of 10 ms-1 collides with a stationary body of mass 6 kg. If the two bodies stick together and move in the same direction after the collision, calculate their common velocity.

A. 4.55 ms-1     B. 12.00 ms-1     C. 30.00 ms-1     D. 50.00 ms-1

A converging lens and a screen are placed 20 cm and 80 cm respectively from an object in a straight line so that a sharp image of the object is formed on the screen. If the object is 3 cm high, calculate the height of the image formed.

A. 1 cm    B. 9 cm    C. 12 cm    D. 15 cm

The diagram above illustrates a bar magnet near a coil connected to a galvanometer. When the magnet is rapidly moved towards the coil

I. an e.m.f. is induced in the coil.
II. the galvanometer needle deflects.
III. the magnet is attracted by the coil.

Which of the statements above are correct?

A. I and II only    B. II and III only    C. I and III only    D. I, II and III

Which of the following devices converts heat energy to electrical energy?

A. Transformer    B. Dynamo    C. Thermocouple    D. Thermostat.

A negatively charged rod is held close to an uncharged metal ball on an insulating stand. The ball will

A. be negativelv charged
B. be positively charged
C. have an excess of negative charges on the side nearest the rod
D. have an excess of positive charges on the side nearest the rod

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