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Express    as a single fraction.

A.     B.     C.     D.

If the numbers M, N, Q are in the ratio 5:4:3, find the value of

A. 2     B. 3    C. 1    D. 4

A circle of perimeter 28cm is opened to form a square. What is the maximum possible area of the square?

A. 56cm2     B. 49cm2     C. 98cm2     D. 28cm2


A.     B. 30     C.     D. 50

Factorise completely: 32x2y - 48x3y3

A. 16x2y (2 - 3xy2)
B. 8xy (4x - 6x2y2)
C. 8x2y (4 - 6xy2)
D. 16xy (2x - 3x2y2)

The perpendicular bisector of a line XY is the locus of a point _____

A. whose distance from X is always twice its distance from Y
B. whose distance from Y is always twice its distance from X
C. which moves on the line XY
D. which is equidistant from the points X and Y.

In the diagram, MN||PO, angle PMN = 112o, angle PNO = 129o, angle NOP = 37o and angle MPN = y. Find the value of y.

A. 51o     B. 54o     C. 56o     D. 68o

Solve the inequality

A.     B.     C.     D.

Alfred spent \frac{1}{4} of his money on food, \frac{1}{3} on clothing and saved the rest. If he saved  N72,000.00, how much did he spend on food?

A. N43,200.00    B. N43,000.00    C. N42,200.00    D. N40,000.00

What is the focus of the point X which moves relative to two fixed points P and M on a plane such that angle PXM = 30o?

A. The bisector of the straight line joining and .
B. An arc of a circle with as a chord.
C. The bisector of angle
D. A circle center and radius


A.        B.       C.        D.

Find the value of k in the equation 6k2 = 5k + 6.

A.     B.     C.     D.

In the diagram, the height of a flag pole (TF) and length of its shadow (FL) are in the ratio 6:8. Using K as a constant of proportionality, find the shortest distance between T and L.

A. 7K units     B. 10K units     C. 12K units     D. 14K units

In a right angled triangle, if tan θ = \frac{3}{4} . What is cos θ - sin θ?

A. \frac{2}{5}      B. \frac{3}{5}      C. \frac{1}{5}      D. \frac{4}{5}

The derivative of (2x + 1)(3x + 1) is _____

A. 12x + 1     B. 6x + 5    C. 6x + 1    D. 12x + 5

An open cone with base radius 28 cm and perpendicular height 96 cm was stretched to form a sector of a circle. Calculate the area of the sector. [Take π = \frac{22}{7}]

A. 8800 cm3    B. 8448 cm3    C. 4400 cm3    D. 4224 cm3

Make R the subject of the formula if

A.    B.    C.    D.

|XY| = 8 cm, |YZ| =10cm and |XZ| = 6 cm.

Which of these relations is true?

A. |XY| + |YZ| = |XZ|
B. |XY| - |YZ| = |XZ|
C. |XZ|2 = |YZ|2 - |XY|2
D. |YZ|2 = |XZ|2 - |XY|2

Find the derivative of  

A. sec2θ     B. tanθcosecθ     C. cosecθsecθ     D. cosec2θ

Estimate the mode of the distribution

A. 51.5    B. 52.5    C. 53.3    D. 54.5

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Scoreboard for SSCE (WAEC and NECO) Practice Test - Mathematics

  1. DON DADA - 80%
  2. Bright - 50%
  3. don dada - 45%
  4. Greg - 25%
  5. Ayo - 20%
  6. Bode - 20%
  7. Jide - 15%
  8. Chris - 10%
  9. Chukwu - 5%

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