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Which of the following functions of warehousing is directed towards packing the goods according to the requirement of the customer?

A. Bulk breaking
B. Goods protection
C. Grading and branding
D. Movement of goods
E. Risk bearing

A need that is sufficiently pressing to direct a consumer to seek satisfaction is

A. motive.    B. fancy.     C. want.     D. requirement.

Which of the following is not an example of impulse product?

A. Newspaper
B. Popcorn
C. Roasted groundnut
D. Wedding gown
E. Wrist watch

Which of the following is not an element of the marketing mix?

A. Place    B. Packaging    C. Price    D. Product

Which of the following is a primary source of information for marketing research?

A. Focus group   B. National statistics    C. Newspaper    D. Sales figure    E Text book

A company that offers storage facility to a seller is

A. a marketing intermediary.
B. an insurer.
C. a buyer.
D. a market facilitator.

The coming together of traders in the same line of business is

A. trade union.
B. chamber of commerce
C. trade association.
D. market union.

Which of the following comes first in the channel of distribution?

A. Manufacturer.    B. Consumer    C. Retailer    D. Wholesaler

The following are factors to be considered in siting a warehouse, except proximity to

A. distribution centres.    B. factory.    C. good road.    D. market.     E. bank.

Branding is an aspect of marketing mix associated with

A. promotion    B. price.    C. place.    D. product.

Which of the following is not a form of service in marketing mix?

A. Place    B. Plan    C. Process    D. Productivity    E. Professionalism

The merchandising activity which involves the use of logo, slogan or trademark to identify a product is known as

A. branding.    B. distribution.    C. labelling.    D. marketing.    E. packaging.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of road transport?

A. Accommodates several stopovers
B. No time schedule
C. Provides door-to-door delivery
D. Slow in long distance
E. Suitable for transporting perishable goods

A bonded warehouse is one where

A. imported goods are kept.
B. dutiable goods are kept.
C. fake goods are kept.
D. contraband goods are kept.

The information that can be accessed quickly and cheaply by the marketing manager is

A. marketing intelligence.
B. marketing research.
C. supplier’s profile.
D. internal database.

The function of a facilitator in marketing agricultural product includes the following except

A. creating ready market for the farmers.
B. encouraging continuous production through price stabilization.
C. encouraging research and development.
D. processing of produce for final export to other countries.
E. organising training for farmers on modem techniques.

The process of transforming marketing plans into actions to achieve marketing objectives is known as

A. budget.    B. implementation.    C. measurement.    D. strategies.
E. tactics.

Attracting large number of customers by charging an initial low price for goods is called ______ pricing.

A. budgeting    B. cost plus    C. haggling    D. penetrating    E. value

One of the factors to be considered in choosing advertising media is the

A. accessibility of power.
B. geographical location.
C. nature of the product.
D, price of the product.
E. technological innovation.

The link between the wholesaler and the consumer in the distribution channel is the

A. advertising agent.   B. manufacturer.    C. merchandiser.    D. producer.    E. retailer.

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