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The concept of political culture was introduced by _____

A. Friendrich Engels.      B. Abraham Lincoln.     C. Harold Laski.     D. Gabriel Almond.
Which of the following is a feature of a state’?

A. Pursuance of sectional interest
B. Colonial experience
C. Territorial boundary
D. Temporary existence
Which of the following can aid in the formation of public opinion?

A. Order-in-council
B. Free press
C. Existence of one party system
D. Existence of press censorship
The extent to which the citizens accept the institutions, officials and activities of government is known as ______

A. authority.     B. permission.     C. legitimacy.     D. power.
The first-past-the-post’ system of voting is also called _____

A. second ballot system.
B. proportional representation.
C. simple majority system.
D. alternative vote system
A constitution that requires special procedures to amend is referred to as _____

A. flexible      B. federal      C. rigid      D. unwritten
The concept of sovereignty was propounded by ______

A. Adam Smith.     B. Jeremy Bentham.     C. Karl Marx.     D. Jean Bodin.
The functions of the state are achieved through _____

A. political socialization.     B. separation of powers.     C. organs of government.     D. diplomatic means.
Which of the following is not a function of a political party _____

A. Educating the government
B. Interest articulation
C. Aggregation of opinions
D. Selection of persons for government
Which of the following is true of a Public Corporation? it is ______

A. established by a bye-law
B. owned by the minister of finance
C. set up to make profit for share holders
D. set up to provide essential services
A politically aware and active society is said to have a

A. subjective political culture
B. participatory political culture
C. parochial political culture
D. evaluative political culture
One way to ensure a free and fair election is to ______

A. operate a one-party system
B. allow parties to campaign on election day
C. guarantee the security of electoral officers and materials
D. appoint a politician as the chairman of the electoral commission
The institution connected with law adjudication is the ______

A. judiciary.     B. police.     C. government     D. executive.
Citizenship can be changed through ______

A. proclamation.      B. residence.     C. renunciation.     D. announcement.
The coming together of two or more political parties to form a government is ______

A. coalition.     B. merger.     C. unification.     D. co-operation
Which of the following is related to government as a process of governing'?

A. Implementation and adjudication of law
B. The role of pressure groups within the state
C. Disagreement between state and local- governments
D. Abrogation of Fundamental Human Rights
Obedience to the laws of the state is a part of one's _______

A. duties     B. rights     C. privileges     D. requirements.
The major defect of foreign policy in West Africa is ______

A. public opinion and pressure groups
B. military power
C. good economy
D. poor leadership.
Popular sovereignty belongs to the ______

A. immigrants.     B. electorate.     C. cabinet.     D. legislature.
The headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Fund for Cooperation, Compensation and Development is located in _____

A. Lome     B. Lagos     C. Accra     D. Dakar

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