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If α and β are the roots of the equation 5x2 - 3x + 4 = 0, find α2 and β2

A. -\frac{31}{25}      B. -\frac{9}{25}      C. \frac{3}{25}      D. \frac{31}{25}      E. \frac{8}{5}


A. \frac{7}{2}      B. 0      C. \frac{7}{-2}      D. -7

Forces 90 N and 120 N act in directions 120o and 240o respectively. Find the resultant of these forces.

A.     B.     C.     D.

Four fair coins are tossed once. Calculate the probability of obtaining equal number of heads and tails.

A. \frac{1}{4}     B. \frac{3}{8}     C. \frac{1}{2}     D. \frac{15}{16}

For what values of m is 9y2 + my + 4 a perfect square?

A. ±     B. ±      C. +6      D. +12

A box contains 5 red balls and k blue balls. A ball is selected at random from the box. If the probability of selecting a blue ball is \frac{2}{3} , find the value of k.

A. 5     B. 6     C. 8     D. 10

In how many ways can a committee of five be selected from eight students if two particular students are to be included?

A. 20     B. 28     C. 54     D. 58

If = -3, find the values of x.

A. x = 3, -2     B. x = 4, - \frac{2}{3}      C. x = -4, \frac{3}{2}      D. x = 4, -\frac{3}{2}

If  +   find the value of (P + Q)

A. -2      B. -1      C. 0      D. 10

Given the statement:

p: the subject is difficult
q: I will do my best

Which of the following is equivalent to 'Although the subject is difficult, I will do my best' 

A. pq     B. ∼pq     C. p ∧ (∼q)     D. pq

A particle accelerates at 12ms-2 and travels a distance of 250m in 6s. Find the initial velocity of the particle.

A. 5.7 ms-1      B. 6.0 ms-1      C. 60.0 ms-1      D. 77.5 ms-1

A line passes through the origin and the point . What is the gradient of the line?

A. 1     B. 2     C. 3     D. 4

Each of the 90 students in a class speak at least Igbo and Hausa. 1f 56 students speak lgbo arid 50 speak Hausa, find the probability that a student selected at random from the class speaks Igbo only.

A. \frac{28}{45}      B. \frac{4}{9}      C. \frac{8}{45}      D. \frac{1}{9}

Given that 3x + 4y +6 = 0 and 4x - by + 3 = 0 are perpendicular, find the value of b

A. 4     B. 3.      C. \frac{1}{3}      D. \frac{1}{4}

Express (14 N, 240o) as a column vector

A.     B.     C.     D.

Find the derivative of with respect to x.

A.      B.      C.      D.

Given that f: x → x2 and g: x → x + 3 where x ∈ R, find fog(2)

A. 25      B. 9      C. 7      D. 5

Force of magnitude 8 N and 5 N acts on a body as shown in the diagram below:

Calculate, correct to 2 decimal places, the resultant force acting at O

A. 14.06 N     B. 13.00 N     C. 9.83 N     D. 8.26 N

A mass of 75kg is placed on a lift. Find the force exerted by the floor of the lift on the mass when the lift is moving up with a constant velocity. [Take g = 9.8 ms-2]

A. 750 N     B. 745 N     C. 735 N     D. 98 N

Given that and , find

A.     B.     C.     D.

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