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Which of the following foods is not appropriate for a cocktail party?

A. Sandwish    B. Jollof rice    C. Meat pie    D. Rice ball

Which of the following is a good table manner?

A. Closing the mouth when chewing food
B. Picking the teeth with fingers
C. Scratching the hair while eating
D. Talking with food in the mouth
E. Using knife to put food into the mouth

Deficiency of protein leads to the following EXCEPT

A. infection.    B. kwashiorkor.    C. obesity.    D. poor growth.    E. wasted muscles.

Milk can be used in preparing the following food EXCEPT

A. cold sweet.    B. cream soup.    C. pudding.    D. purée.    E. sauce.

The most suitable method of cooking meals for invalids is

A. baking    B. barbecuing.    C. frying.    D. roasting.    E. steaming.

In preparing a meal for an invalid, all these factors must be considered, except

A. allow variety in the diet.
D. avoid too much seasoning.
C. choose food rich in necessary nutrients.
D. serve a bulky meal in a short time.
E. serve a small meal in a short time.

The main reason for cooking food is to .

A. feed the family.
B. improve the colour.
C. improve the flavour.
D. make it easily digestible.
E. preserve it.

Vegetables can be classified into the following EXCEPT

A. bulbs.    B. flesh.    C. root    D. stem.    E. tuber.

A female who organizes a party is called a/an

A. guest.    B. host    C. hostess.    D. waiter.    E. waitress.

The animal milk commonly used in human diet is _____ milk

A. cow.    B. ewes.    C. goat.    D. horses.     E. sheep.

Tartaric acid is an essential ingredients in the preparation of

A. baking powder.    B. yoghurt.    C. pastry dish.    D. bread.

Which of these is NOT an energy- giving food?

A. Bread   B. Cassava    C. Carrot    D. Corn    E. Yam

Kitchen arrangement needs to be planned in such a way that it should

A. be easy to work in.
B. be pleasant to look.
C. increase efficiency.
D. increase much movement.
E. save labour and space.

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of bulk purchasing?

A. It allows for good menu planning
B. It does not make ingredients readily available in the house
C. It helps to take care of emergency situations in the
D. It is cheaper than buying in small pieces
E. It protects the house wife from market price fluctuation

Which of the following methods is used for preserving foods'?

A. Drying    B. Grilling    C. Roasting    D. Steaming    E. Stewing

The right cooking spoon used in the cooking and serving of draw soup is

A. dessert.    B. ladle.    C. perforated.    D. serving.    E. table.

Casein and lactalbumen are proteins found in

A. eggs.    B. fish.    C. meats.    D. milk.    E. poultry.

Sterility is a deficiency disease due to lack of vitamin

A. E.    B. D.    C. C.    D. B.     E. A.

Conversion of food into energy is a function of

I. vitamin A and calcium.
II. vitamin B and riboflavin.
III. vitamin C and vitamin B2
IV. nicotinic acid.

A. I only    B. II and III only    C. II and IV only    D. I and III only

Essential amino acids arc obtainable from

A. plant sources only.
B. animal sources only.
C. carbohydrates and minerals.
D. plant and animal sources.

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