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Complete proteins are of high biological value because they

A. are readily available.
B. are very scarce.
C. contain all the essential amino acids.
D. contain the non-essential amino acids.
E. digest easily.

The adolescent girl should eat plenty of iron-rich foods so that she will

A. grow very well.    B. not be anaemic.    C. not become dull.    D. grow very tall.

Tartaric acid is an essential ingredients in the preparation of

A. baking powder.    B. yoghurt.    C. pastry dish.    D. bread.

The chief ingredients of a white sauce are

A. flour, fat and milk.
B. sugar. fat and water.
C flour, water and seasoning.
D. milk. seasoning and stale bread.

Which of these is NOT an energy- giving food?

A. Bread   B. Cassava    C. Carrot    D. Corn    E. Yam

The chemical name for vitamin A is

A. ascorbic acid.    B. pyridoxine.    C. retinol.   D. thiamine.   E. tocopherol.

Which of these cuts of meat is suitable for grilling?

A. Fillet steak    B. Neck    C. Skin.    D. Tail    E. Thick flank

The food item that looses its flavour easily and absorbs other flavour during storage is

A. bread.   B. butter.    C. fruit.    D. sugar.    E. vegetable.

Which of the following food items is prepared by flying?

A. Bread    B. Cake    C. Moin-moin    D. Pancake    E. Sausage-roll

Which of the following is the most expensive dish to prepare?

A. Vegetable salad     B. fruit salad    C. Beef stew    D. Pounded yam

An appetizer in a meal

A. gives more satisfaction.
B. supplements nutrients and completes meals.
C. helps to make milk patterns complete.
D. should always contain milk and sugar.

Which of the following methods of cooking makes the most attractive dish without garnishing?

A. Braising    B. Stewing    C. Boiling    D. Frying

Which of the following is not a type of informal service?

A. Buffet    B. Compromise    C. English    D. Plate    E. Tray

Which of the following kitchen shapes can help a home maker save a lot of lime and energy?

A. L-shaped    B. Corridor-type    C. U-shaped    D. One wall

Which of these organizations is responsible for the formulation of standards for the products produced within and imported into Nigeria?

A. FAO    B. NAFDAC    C. FDA    D. WHO    E. SON

The green colouring matter in leaves which enables them to absorb clergy from the sun is known as

A. carotene.    B. carbon.    C chlorophyll.    D. carbondioxide.

Which of the following beverages contain more vitamin C?

A. Chocolate drink    B. Iced tea    C. Chilled lemonade    D. Hot coffee

A one-dish that is usually cooked in covered vessel is called a/an

A. casserole.    B. hot-pot.    C. irish stew.    D. sauce.    E. stew.

The cheapest source of protein is

A. bed stew    B. fried eggs.    C. soya milk.    D. grilled fish.

Volatile materials contained in herbs and spices are known as

A. essential oil.    B. olive oils.    C linolenic acids.    D. olcic acids.

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