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Which of the following is not considered a safety measure when using the Computer?

A. Sitting position
B. Sitting arrangement in the laboratory
C. Adjustment of the screen in relation to the eye level
D. Using the mouse with the left hand

A user friendly operating system makes use of

A. text user interface.
B. text adaptation interface.
C. graphical user interface.
D. graphical unified interface.

The study of the effect of interaction between the computer and human users is referred to as computer

A. ergonomy.   B. economy.    C. ergophobia.    D. biomechanics.

Identify the operands in the operation 3 + 5 = 8

A. 3, 5    B. 3 + 5    C. 3, 8    D. 5, 8    E. 5 = 8

When using the computer, it is unethical to

A. adhere strictly to laboratory rules and regulations.
B. provide adequate lighting system in the laboratory.
C. keep drinks and snacks close to the computer.
D. use anti—glare protector on monitors.

The ______ ensures continuous running of the system.

A. computer administrator
B. computer engineer
C. computer operator
D. internet service provider (ISP)
E. system analyst

Which of the following is not a component of a web design package?

A. A solid layout.
B. Appropriate design element
C. Effective typography
D. The right colour scheme
E. The sheet calculation

Data model is the technique for _____ a system’s data.

A. distribution and computing
B. organizing and documenting
C. organizing and retrieving
D. retrieving and documenting
E. retrieving and organizing

The exchange of information over a network follow a set of rules called

A. transmission rules.
B. transfer rules.
C. channels.
D. protocols.

Which of the following is the correct order of moving a graphical object in an application package? .

A. Click → select → drag
B. Click → drag → select
C. Drag → select → click
D. Select → click → drag
E. Select → drag → click

A high-tech scam that uses email or pop-up messages to deceive you into disclosing your personal information is known as

A. forgery.   B. phishing.    C. scamming.   D. sniffing.    E. spamming.

Which of the following computer professionals is responsible for research, design, development and testing of computer and its related equipment for commercial, industrial and scientific use?

A. Hardware engineer
B. Operator
C. Programmer
D. Software engineer
E. System analyst

The computer application package which is widely used by engineers and architects is called

A. Auto CAD.    B. Lotus 123.    C. MS Excel.    D. MS Word.    E. Spread Sheet.

A program developed to protect the computer from malicious software is referred to as

A. trojan.    B. driver.    C. antivirus.    D. spyware.

The logical and physical structural arrangement of database to accommodate information needed by the user is called

A. Conceptual design.
B. Database design.
C. Entity-relationship.
D. Information System design.
B. Relationship model.

Which of the following is not an advantage of distributed database?

A. Data are distributed at multiple sites
B. Improved communication is possible
C. Less danger of a single-point failure
D. The end user is able to access any available copy of the data
E. The probability of security lapses increased

In database management, the following features are available, except

A. field.   B. file.   C. record.   D. sheet.   E. table.

Why is it not a good idea to open email from an unknown source?

A. Computer system might shutdown
B. Opening them reveals secret information
C. Opening them may lead to more junk emails
D. The email may carry viruses
E. The email may waste space on the hard disk

In a graphic package, cropping an image implies

A. changing the size of an image by stretching it.
B. turning the image through an angle of 90 degrees.
C. changing the size of an image without stretching it.
D. filing the image with a new colour.

Which of the following is not among the categories of an operating system’s tasks?

A. Application interface
B. Device management
C. Managing use of main memory
D. Multitasking
E. Providing security to users’ jobs and files.

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