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One of the civic responsibilities of a citizen is

A. join social club.
B. join town union.
C. participate in public discussion.
D. participate in social gathering.
E. vote during election.

Fundamental Human Rights can be classified into the following, except

A. economic.
B. political.
C. power.
D. religion.
E. social.

Citizens can he deprived of their rights during

A. democratic regime.
B. emergency rule.
C. parliamentary debate.
D. political campaign.
E. public holidays.

Effective and responsible parenthood is primarily

A. a national duty.
B. a military duty.
C. a political duty.
D. an economic duty.

Which of the following is not included in the stages of interpersonal relationships?

A. Rejuvenation    B. Deterioration    C. Termination    D. Continuation

In democracy, lack of press freedom leads to the denial of freedom of

A. association    B. expression    C. movement    D. voting.   E. worship.

Which of the following is not a factor in the formation of a federation

A. Common historical background
B. Desire for union
C. Geographical contiguity
D. Security
E. Small population

Use the statements below to answer the question

NEWS: ‘RivaI cult Group Killed Ten on Campus
STUDENT: I will definitely need a bullet proof vest before l can go back to the Campus.

Based on the statement above, the decision of the student on having a bullet proof vest shows that cultism

A. spreads fear and terror.
B. is a training ground for armed forces.
C. breeds courageous graduates.
D. propagates self-defence.

‘How many Colours are in the traffic light?

A. 2    B. 3    C. 4     D. 5     E. 6.

A situation where most citizens fail to vote in elections could be described as political

A. socialization.
B. culture.
C. apathy.
D. legitimacy.

The spirit of nationalism and patriotism promotes

A. colonialism
B. discord.
C. indirect rule
D. rancour
E. unity.

The drunkard as depicted in the picture will not likely perform his parental role because

A. his action constitutes bad influence.
B. rehabilitation facilities are not available.
C. drinking problem is associated with the poor.
D. he has a large family to cater for.

Use the dialogue below to answer the question

Ada: Wanja, where are you going to in this ungodly hour of the night?
Wanja: l am heading towards my usual joint to enjoy myself.
Ada: Which joint?
Wanja: XYZ Night Club, where l take marijuana and alcoholic beverages, I really want to be high tonight so that when people see me tomorrow, they will fear and respect me.
Ada: Remember, people who work under the influence of hard drugs and alcoholic beverages are prone to either psychiatric problems or premature death. Softly young man, imbibe good-matured character, you have the world at your feet and a destiny to fulfill. Pray you will not be the architect of your own misfortune.

From Ada’s admonition, it could be deduced that taking hard drugs could

A. make people respect the addicts.
B. lead to insanity of the addicts.
C. make people to adore the drug addicts.
D. ensure courteous behavior by the addicts.

The right of an individual to seek redress in a law court is categorised under

A. economic
B. political.
C. procedural.
D. social.
E. substantive.

One of the major barriers to national development is the

A. low poverty level.
B. existence of multi-party system.
C. prevalence of corrupt practices.
D. persistent rural—urban migration.

One major trend in Kantoga Republic today, especially during elections, is the engagement of youths by some politicians for political thuggery, rigging, stuffing of ballot boxes and other related electoral offences. Most of the youths who are engaged in these crimes have no means of livelihood or are school drop-outs.

These youths are Kantoguans who ought to benefit from the enormous wealth and resources of the nation. Unfortunately, this is not the case at the moment. Indeed, it is the duty of government, especially at the centre, to provide entrepreneurial skill acquisition programme and start-up funds for small scale businesses to empower the youths. This will reduce the chances of engagement of youths for wrong purposes.

From the above write-up, what category of Kantoguan youths deserves to be effectively empowered?

A. Children of the ruling political class
B. Unemployed youths and school drop-outs
C. University undergraduate
D. Youth wing of religious organizations

Which of the following is necessary for the effective application of the rule of law?

A. Political will to ensure that laws are obeyed
B. Employment opportunities for all citizens
C. The fusion of the three arms of government
D. Extension of the retirement age of judges

A situation whereby someone is obliged to inform a superior about his actions and decisions for the purpose of control is

A. probity.    B. self-discipline.    C. accountability.    D. fair play.

Zubair: Today is the day for gubernatorial elections, Ade what are you waiting for? Let us go and cast our votes for candidates of our choice.

Ade: I have no interest in an election which would not yield any dividend of democracy. Our political elite are only concerned about their interest when they get to the position of authority. For crying out loud, I have made up my mind that I will not vote again.

Zubair: Haba! Ade, don’t you remember Abraham Lincoln’s words that ‘all men are not just, all men are not true. But... for every scoundrel there is a hero, that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader!’ Come on, go and cast your vote so that we can choose the right person for the position and change the political, economic and social directions of our great state.

It could be inferred from the dialogue that failure to vote in an election would

A. guarantee citizens’ rights.
B. encourage the emergence of a responsive government.
C. promote accountability in governance.
D. perpetuate irresponsible leadership.
Which of these is not a factor that causes conflict?

A. Crime
B. Envy
C. Ethnicism
D. Poverty
E. Understanding

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