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Which of the following compounds crystallizes without water of crystallization?

A. MgSO4.     B. Na2CO3.     C. NaCI.     D. FeSO4.

Consider the reaction represented by the following equation:
C2H2 +yH2 → C2H6

The value of y in the reaction is

A. 4.    B. 3.    C. 2.    D. 1.

Consider the cell represented below.

Zn(s)/Zn2+(aq) // Cu2+(aq) / Cu(s)

Which of the following statements is correct about the cell?

A. Zn is oxidized to Zn
B. Cu is oxidized to Cu2+
C. It is an electrolytic cell
D. Each single line represents a salt bridge

The molecule which has a linear shape is

A. CH4    B. NH3    C. H2S    D. CO2

Which of the following materials is classified as a non-biodegradable pollutant?

A. Animal hide.    B. Paper.    C. Plastic.    D. Wood.

The mass of an element is 27 and its atomic number is 13. What is the composition of the nucleus of its atom?

A. 13 electrons and 14 protons
B. 13 neutrons and 14 protons
C. 13 protons and 14 neutrons
D. 13 electrons and 14 neutrons.

Which of the following statements about fine chemical is correct? It

A. is injurious to health.
B. has low degree of purity.
C. is produced in relatively small amount.
D. can be stored for a long time.

A hydrocarbon compound contains 92.3% carbon. Determine its empirical formula. [H = 1.00; C = 12.0]

A. CH.     B. CH2.     C. CH3.     D. C2H3.

Which of the following variables is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecule of a gas?

A. Density.    B. Pressure.    C. Temperature.    D. Volume.
What volume of hydrogen would be left over when 300 cm3 of oxygen and 1000 cm3 of hydrogen are exploded in a sealed tube? [2H2(g) + O2(g) ⟶ 2H2O(g) ]

A. 200 cm3
B. 400 cm3
C. 600 cm3
D. 700 cm3

What quantity of electrons in moles is needed to discharge two moles of aluminium from aluminium oxide (Al2O3)?

A. 1     B. 2     C. 4     D. 6

The IUPAC name of the compound  is

A. 2—amino hexanoic acid.
B. 2—amino—4—methyl pentanoic acid.
C. 2, 4—dimethyl butanoic acid.
D. 4—amino pentanoic acid.

The element with electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p1 belongs to ____

A. s-block, period 3, group 1.
B. p-block, period 3, group 2.
C. s-block, period 3, group 3.
D. p-block, period 3, group 3.

How many electrons are in the L shell of  ?

A. 2     B. 5     C. 8     D. 16
If an atom is represented as which of the following deductions is correct’?

A. It contains 20 protons
B. It forms a covalent chloride
C. It atomic number is 39
D. It is an alkali metal

The formula of the compound formed between a trivalent metal, M and a divalent non-metal, V is

A. M2Y3    B. M3Y2    C. MY    D. M3Y

Which of the following equipment is not used to detect radioactivity?

A. Wilson cloud chamber
B. Geiger-Muller counter
C. Mass spectrometer
D. Photographic plate

A substance is said to be impure if

A. its melting point range is wide.
B. it dissolves in water with difficulty.
C. it has a low melting point.
D. it is coloured.

A nuclide emits a beta-particle  . In the process the atomic number

A. increases by 1 while the mass number remains constant
B. decreases by 2 while the mass number remains constant
C. remains constant while the mass number decreases by 2
D. remains constant while the mass number increases by 1.

Which of the following organic compounds would decolourize bromine water?

A. Benzene.    B. Cyclobutane.    C. Hexane.    D. Pentane.

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