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A person suffering from obstruction of the bile duct is advised not to cat fats and oil because

A. bile digests fats and oil.
B. fats and oil can only be absorbed when bile is absent.
C. bile emulsifies fats and oil.
D. bile adds water to digesting food

Which of the following resources is non-renewable?

A. Forest reserve    B. Mineral deposit    C. Water    D. Wild life

In explaining the term camouflage, to a class, the diagram below showing four varieties, P, Q, R, and S of the same species of fish living amongst water plants in a river were used.

Which of the varieties is likely to decrease most in number if a predatory fish is introduced into the river?

A. P     B. Q     C. R     D. S

Which of the following is the end product of digestion of oil?

A. Amino acid    B. Fructose    C. Glucose    D. Glycerol    E. Maltose

The following diagrams show the sequence of events in early cell division.

In which of the following cells is this division likely to take place?

A. Sperm cell    B. Blood cell    C. Muscle cell    D. Uterine cell

The part marked X is used for

A. breathing.    B. feeding.    C. reproduction.    D. sucking.    E. swimming

Study the diagram below:

In which type of soil is the plant found? Soil that is

A. poorly aerated.    B. water logged.    C. exposed.    D. nitrogen deficient

The vector that transmits trypanosome is the

A. blackfly.     B. cockroach.     C. housefly.     D. mosquito.     E. tsetsefly

Which of the following processes removes carbon (IV) oxide from the atmosphere?

A. Burning fuels    B. Putrefaction    C. Photosynthesis    D: Respiration in plants

An organism at the start of a food chain which provides the total input of energy into an ecosystem is the

A. sun.    B. producer.    C. consumer    D. decomposer.

Which of these is NOT a sampling method for determining population size?

A. Capture and re-capture method
B. Complete census
C. Quadrat method
D. Systematic sampling
E. Transect method

Which of the following organisms is an endo-parasite?

A. Tapeworm    B. Flea    C. Tick    D Aphid

Which of the following is called “emergency” hormone in man?

A. Adrenalin    B. Insulin    C. Prolactin     D. Testosterone      E. Thyroxine

The middle ear cavity is filled with

A. air.    B. blood.    C. endolyrnph.    D. perilymph.     E. water.

A person had an accident that affected the skull but not the nose and later lost the sense of smell. The accident must have affected the

A. nose by extension.
B. olfactory lobes of the brain.
C. passage from the nose to the brain.
D. part of the skull near the nose

The diagram below is an illustration of a crocodile.

Two characteristic features of the class to which the crocodile belongs are labelled

A. I and Il.    B. Ill and IV.    C. II and IV.    D. ll and V.

Carefully study the diagram below

The part labelled VI is used for

A. excretion.    B. locomotion.    C. nutrition.    D. reproduction.    E. respiration

Which of these is NOT a function of the liver?

A. Detoxification of toxic substances
B. Deamination of protein
C. Production of bile
D. Regulation of lipids
E. Transportation of blood

Which of the following is NOT a monocotyledonous seed?  

A. Beans      B. Maize      C. Millet      D. Rice      E. Wheat

The breaking down of food in the alimentary canal is called

A. digestion.    B. egestion,    C. excretion.    D. ingestion.     E. mastication

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