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A farmer who plants African Marigold between his crops has the intention of controlling

A. bacteria.    B. viruses.    C. fungi.    D. nematodes

Which of the following groups of cattle are tropical breeds?

A. Friesian. Kuri and White Fulani.
B. N’dama, Sokoto Gudali and Muturu.
C. Kuri, Sokoto Gudali and Jersey.
D. Muturu, N’dama and Friesian

If rows arc spaced 1.0 m apart with one plant per stand, determine the spacing between stands in order to obtain a plant population of 40,000/ha.

A. 0.25 m.     B. 0.40 m.     C. 0.50 m     D 1.00 m

Some plants are suitable for decorating living rooms because of their

A. ability to endure low light intensity.
B. low respiration rate.
C. ability to retain water.
D. low resistance to diseases

An important function of mulching is that it

A. increases soil temperature.
B. provides soil with nutrients.
C. conserves moisture in the soil.
D. increases rate of evaporation

Which of the following groups of crops requires winnowing  during processing?

A. Fruits.   B. Cereals.    C. Tubers.     D. Vegetables

The following substances arc excretory products in farm animals except

I. blood    II. sweat    III. urine   

A. I only.    B. II only.    C. III only.    D. II and III only

Which of the following cropping systems would lead to continuous sustenance of soil fertility?

I. Crop rotation.
II. Land rotation.
III. Monoculture.
IV. Monocropping.

A. I and II only.    B. I and III only.    C. II and III only.    D. I,II and III only

Which of the following statements about colostrum is false? It is _____

A. an evaporated milk.
B. the first milk produced after parturition.
C. high in antibodies.
D. rich in proteins and vitamins

Meat obtained from cattle of less than one year old is called

A. beef.    B. chevon.    C. veal.    D. pork

Which of the following factors should be considered when sowing seeds in the field?

I. Time of sowing.    II. Plant density.    III. Depth of sowing.    IV. Method of sowing

A. I and II only.    B. I, II and III only.    C. III and IV only.    D. I, II, III and IV

Which of the following practices leads to land degradation in the savanna zones of West Africa?

I. Constant annual bushfires
II. Overgrazing of grassland
III. Application of cattle manure.
IV. Cutting of woody species for fuel wood

A. I,II and III only.     B. I, II and IV only.     C. II, III and IV only.     D. I, II, III and IV.

Determine the market supply when the price is N4,000.00

A. 77,000 kg     B. 70,000 kg    C. 55,000 kg    D. 35,000 kg

Plant nutrients are restored during the fallow period through.

A. reduced soil erosion.
B. accumulation of soil organ in matter.
C. reduced evaporation from the soil.
D. accumulation of farmyard manure

One of the problems facing agricultural development in West Africa is

A. inadequate financing.
B. unavailability of productive land.
C. low income of consumers.
D. inadequacy of industries

Heat in farm animals can be detected by the following signs except

A. redness of the vulva.
B. low body temperature.
C. loss of appetite.
D. frequent urination

Which of the following characteristics is not true of tree species used in alley cropping?

A. Shallow rooting system
B. Regenerate rapidly after pruning.
C. Excellent canopy formation.
D. Capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen

Insect damage to crops takes the form of

A. chewing, grinding and sucking.
B. grinding, piercing and chewing
C. piercing, sucking and grinding.
D. chewing. sucking and piercing.

The common name of Axonopus compressus is

A. carpet grass.    B. spear grass.    C. guinea grass.    D. bahama grass

The processes by which animals release carbon dioxide into the air are

A. respiration and decay.
B. respiration and ammonification.
C. nitrification and decay.
D. denitrification and ammonification

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