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Two bodies each carrying a charge of 2.00 x 10-10 C are 5 cm apart. Calculate the magnitude of the force between the charges [ 1/ 4πεo = 9.00 x 109 Nm2C-2]

A. 1.44 x 10-7 N    B. 7.20 x 10-9 N    C. 7.20 x 10-11 N    D. 1.44 x 10-11 N

When a radioactive substance undergoes a beta decay, its

A. mass number decreases by 1
B. atomic number decreases by 1
C. mass number increases by 1
D. atomic number increases by 1

Each of the following physical quantities is classified as a vector or a scalar quantity. Which of the classifications is correct?

A. Electric potential (Vector)
B. Momentum (Scalar)
C. Gravitational field intensity (Scalar)
D. Magnetic flux density (Vector)

Which of the following actions will not increase the sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer

A. Using a strong temporary magnet
B. Increasing the area and number of turns of the coil
C. Using a weak hair spring
D. Using a light pointer.

An object of mass 2 kg moving with a velocity of 3 ms-1 collides head-on with another object of mass 1 kg moving in the opposite direction with a velocity of 4 ms-1. If the objects stick together after collision, calculate their common speed.

A. 0.60 ms-1     B. 0.67 ms-1     C. 2.00 ms-1     D. 3.33 ms-1

A constantan wire has a cross sectional area of 4 x 10-8m2 and a resistivity of 1.1 x 10-6 Ωm. If a resistor of resistance 11Ω is to be made from this wire, calculate the length of the wire required.

A. 0.4 m    B. 0.8 m    C. 2.5 m    D. 5.0 m

The design of the thermostat of an electric Iron is based on the

A. emission of electrone from metals when heated
B. Increase in size of metals when heated
C. Increase in the density of metals when heated
D. change in the mass of metals when heated.

If the charge on an object is measured as 4.04 x 10-18 C, how many excess electrons does the object possess, given that the charge of an electron is 1.6 x 10-19 C?

A. 18     B. 19    C. 25    D. 37

The distance between two points in phase on a progressive wave is 5 cm. If the speed of the wave is 0.20ms-1, calculate its period.

A. 4.00 s    B. 2.50 s     C. 0.25 s     D. 0.04 s

Light of energy 5.0 eV falls on a metal of work function 3.0 eV and electrons are emitted, determine the stopping potential. [electronic charge, e = 1.60 x 10-19 C]

A. 1.7 V     B. 2.0 V     C. 8.0 V     D. 15.0 V

A body of mass 25kg moving at 3 ms-1 on a rough horizontal floor is brought to rest after sliding through a distance of 2.50 m on the floor. Calculate the coefficient of sliding friction. (g = 10.0ms-2)

A. 0.09     B. 0.18     C. 0.36     D. 0.54

The mass and weight of a body on earth are 8kg and 80 N respectively. Determine the mass and weight of the body respectively on a planet where the pull of gravity is that on earth.

A. 8kg, 8 N     B. 1kg, 10 N     C. 64kg, 10 N     D. 8kg, 10 N

The diagram above illustrates a Hare’s apparatus, ℓ1 and ℓ2 represent densities, h1 and h2 heights of columns of liquids. Which of the following equations is correct?

A.     B.     C.     D.

The working principle of a pressure cooker is based on the

A. increase in the volume of steam inside it
B. complete trapping of heat inside it
C. increase in the pressure of the pot
D. decrease in the pressure of the pot.

Which of the following statements explains lost volt in an electric circuit? The

A. total p.d from a source to maintain a flow of current through the circuit as well as the source.
B. p.d to drive current through the circuit components except the source
C. p.d across all external components connected to the source of electricity
D. p.d across the internal resistance of the cell.

Two capacitors of capacitances 0.4 μF and 0.5 μF are connected in parallel and charged to a p.d. of 50V. Determine the total charge acquired.

A. 45μC     B. 25μC     C. 20μC     D. 10μC

A direct current of 5 A flows through a 0.2 H inductor. Calculate the energy stored in the inductor.

A. 0.5 J    B. 1.0 J    C. 2.5 J    D. 5.0 J

Three capacitors each of capacitance 1.5 μF are connected in series. The total capacitance in the circuit is

A. 2.0 μF    B. 1.5 μF    C. 0.6 μF     D. 0.5 μF

Uranium of atomic number 92 and mass number 238 emits an alpha particle from its nucleus. The new nucleus formed has, respectively, atomic number and mass number

A. 94 and 238    B. 90 and 236    C. 88 and 234    D. 90 and 234

The amplitude of a wave is the

A. distance travelled by the wave in a complete cycle of its motion
B. maximum displacement of the wave particle from the equilibrium position
C. separation of two adjacent particles vibrating in a phase
D. distance between two successive troughs of the wave.

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