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In the diagram,

PQ is a straight line. Calculate the value of the angle labelled 2y.

A. 130o     B. 120o     C. 110o     D. 100o

Solve for x and y respectively in the simultaneous equations

-2x - 5y = 3
x + 3y = 0

A. -3, -9   B. 9, -3    C. -9, 3    D. 3, -9


A.        B.       C.        D.

In the diagram, |SR|=|QR|, angle SRP = 65o and angle RPQ = 48o, find angle PRQ

A. 65o     B. 45o     C. 25o     D. 19o

In the diagram, ST//PQ. Reflex angle SRQ = 198o  and ∠RQP = 72o  . Find the value of y.

A. 18o     B. 54o     C. 92o      D. 108o

Which of the following lines represent the solution of the inequality 7x < 9x - 4?

Represent the inequality -7 < 4x + 9 ≤ 13 on a number line.

A side and a diagonal of a rhombus are 10cm and 12cm respectively. Find its area.

A. 20cm2     B. 24cm2     C. 48cm2     D. 96cm2

If 2q35 = 778, find q

A. 2      B. 1      C. 4      D. 0

Express    as a single fraction

A.    B.    C.    D.

Solve the inequalities x2 + 2x > 15

A. x < -3 or x > 5     B. -5 < x < 3    C. x < 3 or x > 5    D. x > 3 or x < -5

The diagram is a circle center O. If angle SPR = 2m and angle SQR = n, express m in terms of n.

A. m = \frac{n}{2}     B. m = 2n     C. m = n - 2     D. m = n + 2

Find the standard deviation of the above distribution.

A.     B.     C. <     D.

A chord of a circle of radius 7 cm is 5 cm from the center of the circle. What is the length of the chord?

A. cm     B. cm      C. cm    D. cm

If y varies directly as the square root of (x+1) and y = 6 when x = 3, find x when y = 9.

A. 8    B. 7    C. 6    D. 5

The volume of a cuboid is 54cm3. If the length, width and height of the cuboid are in the ratio 2 : 1 : 1 respectively, find its total surface area.

A. 108cm2     B. 90cm2    C. 80cm2    D. 75cm2

Given that (x + 2)(x2 - 3x + 2) + 2(x + 2)(x - 1) = (x + 2)M, find M.

A. (x + 2)2     B. x(x + 2)     C. x2 + 2     D. x2 - x

The positions of three ships P, Q and R at sea are illustrated in the diagram. The arrows indicate the North direction. The bearing of Q from P is 050o and angle PQR = 72o. Calculate the bearing of R from Q.

A. 130o     B. 158o    C. 222o     D. 252o

The distance between two towns is 50km. It is represented on a map by 5cm. Find the scale used.

A. 1 : 1,000,000    B. 1 : 500,000    C. 1 : 100,000    D. 1 : 10,000

If Un = n(n2 + 1), evaluate U5 – U4

A. 18     B. 56     C. 62     D. 82

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