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A policy whereby a manufacturer of a product partially contributes to a retailer’s advertising cost of his product is

A. institutional advertising.
B. promotional advertising.
C. informative advertising.
D. cooperative advertising.

Which of the following is a source of fund that a limited liability company will not pay back?

A. Debenture    B. Ordinary shares    C. Overdraft    D. Bank loans

The type of market in which firms purchase goods and services produced by others with the intention of selling to the consumer is known as ________ market.

A. consumer    B. government    C. industrial    D. institutional    E. reseller

The stages a product passes through from idea generation to decline is called product

A. life cycle.    B. life span.    C. life stages.    D. maturity period.    E. unit value.

Marketing concept means

A. buying and selling to customers.
B. selling and distribution to customers.
C. satisfying customers’ needs and wants.
D. advertising and promotion to customers.

A bonded warehouse is one where

A. imported goods are kept.
B. dutiable goods are kept.
C. fake goods are kept.
D. contraband goods are kept.

A need that is sufficiently pressing to direct a consumer to seek satisfaction is

A. motive.    B. fancy.     C. want.     D. requirement.

A treaty designed to promote world trade by reducing tariff, quota and other international trade barriers is known as

A. foreign licensing.
B. franchising.
C. general agreement on tariffs and trade.
D. strategic alliance.
E. subcontracting.

An unauthorized person who accesses other people’s information on the internet is a

A. web designer.    B. web owner.    C. web hacker.    D. web provider.

Marketing concept states that the primary purpose of a business is to

A. make profit.
B. satisfy consumers
C. maintain a large market.
D. cover the cost of business.

Which of the following functions of warehousing is directed towards packing the goods according to the requirement of the customer?

A. Bulk breaking
B. Goods protection
C. Grading and branding
D. Movement of goods
E. Risk bearing

The marketer who wishes to get information about the current and potential customers, their location and their number should carry out studies.

A. cultural    B. demographic    C. geographical    D. political    E. social

Schools, hospitals and nursing homes are examples of________ market.

A. consumer    B. government    C. industrial    D. institutional    E. reseller

The process of charging an amount of money for a product or service can be referred to as

A. budgeting.    B. costing.    C. haggling.    D. pricing.    E. valueing.

The last step in selling skill in which the sales person creates a close relationship with the buyer is called

A. closing.
B. follow-up.
C. handling objection.
D. pre-approach.
E. presentation.

The point at which a product is getting stabilized and recognized by customers is referred to as the product’s ______ stage.

A. decline    B. growth    C. introduction    D. maturity    E. proto-type development

The fastest and most comfortable means of transporting human beings is by

A. air.    B. pipeline.    C. rail.    D. road.    E. water ways.

A company that offers storage facility to a seller is

A. a marketing intermediary.
B. an insurer.
C. a buyer.
D. a market facilitator.

Which of the following is used as a towing van in water transport?

A. Cargo ships    B. Coastal liners    C. Flying boats    D. Ocean liners    E. Tramp liners

In marketing planning, determination of objectives involve

A. feed back mechanism.
B. identifying methods and strategies.
C. implementing programmes.
D. overview of the corporate situation.
E. setting achievable goals.

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