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The technology that provides Face-to-face interaction between people in different locations at the same time is known as

A. protector.
B. teleconferencing.
C. telecomputing.
D. telecommunication.
E. video conferencing.

The following are roles of facilitators in banks, except

A. consulting stakeholder.
B. guiding financial process.
C. liaising with partners.
D. spotting opportunities.
E. taking estimated banking risks.

A communication in the media about a product paid for by an identifiable sponsor directed at a target audience, explains

A. advertisement.    B. distribution.    C. marketing.    D. merchandizing.    E. promotion.

The merchandising activity which involves the use of logo, slogan or trademark to identify a product is known as

A. branding.    B. distribution.    C. labelling.    D. marketing.    E. packaging.

Adamu established a supermarket in Lagos after being unemployed for five years. In marketing, Adamu is

A. a producer.    B. an entrepreneur.    C. a factor.    D. a facilitator.

The following are responsibilities of production department in an organization, except

A. meeting set goals and objectives
B. planning for new method of production.
C. sourcing for quality raw materials.
D. technological innovations and inventions.
E. sourcing prospective buyers for the products.

Which of the following is a tool for sales promotion?

A. Advertising    B. Billboards    C. Premium offers.    D. Public relations

A document that accompanies goods in transit is a

A. manifest    B. waybill.    C. bill of sight.    D. credit note.

One of the factors to be considered in choosing advertising media is the

A. accessibility of power.
B. geographical location.
C. nature of the product.
D, price of the product.
E. technological innovation.

The point at which a product is getting stabilized and recognized by customers is referred to as the product’s ______ stage.

A. decline    B. growth    C. introduction    D. maturity    E. proto-type development

A requirement for effective selling and bargaining is

A. listening skill.
B. innovative skill.
C. creative skill.
D. co-ordinating skill.

Marketing is defined as

A. buying and selling to customers.
B. selling and distribution to customers.
C. meeting customers need profitably.
D. advertising and promotion to customers.

Which of the following is not a reason for marketing research?

A. Assisting in marketing planning
B. Assisting management in decision making
C. Finding out the need of the consumer
D. Solving a problem
E. Storing the information obtained

Decisions and activities which may stimulate and promote sale is known as ______ mix.

A. marketing    B. place    C. pricing    D. product     E. promotion

The grouping of sellers of common product in the local market place is

A. market union.
B. trade union.
C. manufacturers’ association.
D. employers’ union.

The activity that provides information for resolving marketing problems to practitioners is

A. marketing audit.
B. marketing research
C. marketing plan.
D. marketing mix.

Which of the following is a method of pricing products?

A. Loss leader
B. Market research
C. Cost-plus pricing
D. Market skimming

Convenience and specialty goods are classified as

A. consumer goods.
B. organizational goods.
C. agricultural goods.
D. industrial goods.

A company that offers storage facility to a seller is

A. a marketing intermediary.
B. an insurer.
C. a buyer.
D. a market facilitator.

Organisations trying to satisfy similar customers’ needs and producing products that are alternatives are known as

A. challengers.    B. competitors.    C. marketers.    D. participators.    E. solicitors.

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