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Taxation as a feature of Indirect rule served as a ______

A. source of revenue for colonial administration
B. system of modernizing chieftaincy.
C. policy of making the local people poor.
D. means to ridicule the chiefs.

Which of the following is not an organ of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)? The ______

A. Assembly of Heads of State and Government
B. Tribunal of the Community
C. Council of Ministers
D. Secretariat

In a unitary state, governmental powers are concentrated at the ____

A. component units    B. local level     C. centre     D regions

A chief could be deposed in the pre-colonial era if he _____

A. violated the written constitution.
B. persistently the advice of his elders.
C. refused to collect taxes for the British Governor.
D. married too many wives.

The rule of law is observed when _____

A. democracy is practised
B. Jaws are kept secret
C. revolution is encouraged
D. only the elite can govern

The Fascist State in Europe was ______

A. Italy     B. Germany      C. Japan     D. Britain

Which of the following delayed nationalist movements in French West Africa?

A. Presence of educated elite
B. The policy of Assimilation
C. The use of local chiefs
D. Granting of freedom to Africans

A constitution is important because it ______

A. teaches moral values of the society.
B. prescribes rules for those who govern.
C. serves as a source of conflict in society.
D. describes the laws and admonishes obedience.

The formation and implementation of policies are the major duties of the _____

A. police     B. judiciary     C. executive    D. legislature

The highest stage of socialism is _______

A. oligarchy.    B. capitalism.     C. totalitarianism.     D. communism

Confederalism was once practised in _____

A. Nigeria and Ghana.
B. Senegal and The Gambia.
C. Mali and Cote d’ Ivoire.
D. Ghana and Benin

Fundamental Human Rights seek to _____

A. promote the dignity of man
B. train political activists
C. encourage economic activities
D. enthrone mob rule

Foreign domination by a group of people for social and economic benefits is known as _____

A. nationalism.    B. colonialism.     C. feudalism.     D. constitutionalism.

Totalitarianism  means a government headed by ______

A. a dictator     B. wealthy people     C. educated elite     D. the masses.

Political socialization begins from ______

A. adulthood.      B. childhood.      C. old age.     D. manhood

The civil service is an institution for ______

A. carrying out private organizational goals.
B. effecting civil society policies.
C. formulating and executing public policies.
D. initiating bureaucratic private agenda

Political authority is the ______

A. legitimate right to exercise political power.
B. ability to control political behaviour.
C. right to participate in political campaigns.
D. right to form political parties.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was set up in ______

A. Accra.     B. Harare.     C. Cairo.     D. Addis Ababa

Which of the following is an obligation of a citizen _____

A. Arresting offenders    B. Voting at elections    C. Prosecuting offenders    D. Adjudicating cases.

A government that is constituted by several parties after a general election is referred to as ______

A. elite government
B. fascist government
C. illegitimate government
D. national government

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