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Which of the following is a feature of a state’?

A. Pursuance of sectional interest
B. Colonial experience
C. Territorial boundary
D. Temporary existence

Which of the following is a component of political culture?

A. Injunction    B. Cognitive orientation    C. Mandamus    D. Harbeas corpus

A constitution that requires special procedures to amend is referred to as _____

A. flexible      B. federal      C. rigid      D. unwritten

One of the defects of Military government is ______

A. freedom of expression
B. registration of political parties
C. abuse of Human Rights
D. promotion of few military officers.

The National Congress of British West Africa (NCBWA) was founded in _____

A. Sierra Leone.     B. Liberia.      C. Ghana     D. Nigeria

A system of government where political powers are inherited is called ______

A. monarchy.     B. diarchy.     C. democracy.      D. aristocracy

The head of the Commonwealth of Nations is the ______

A. Prime Minister.     B. High Commissioner.     C. British Foreign Secretary.     D. British Monarch

Political sovereignty belongs to the _______

A. press     B. people     C. legislature     D. executive.

The rule of law is observed when _____

A. democracy is practised
B. Jaws are kept secret
C. revolution is encouraged
D. only the elite can govern

In a federal system of government, the powers of state governments are subordinate to _____

A. the regional constitutions.
B. the supreme body of state laws.
C. acts of the parliament at the centre.
D. provincial laws

The political way of life which is developed by the society is referred to as ______

A. communalism     B. political culture     C. agency of socialization     D. political socialization

In a unitary state, governmental powers are concentrated at the ____

A. component units    B. local level     C. centre     D regions

Which of the following is a duty of a good citizen?

A. Paying tax regularly
B. Must assist me poor
C. Should challenge the law of the land
D. Must join the law enforcement agents.

The formation and implementation of policies are the major duties of the _____

A. police     B. judiciary     C. executive    D. legislature

One way to ensure a free and fair election is to ______

A. operate a one-party system
B. allow parties to campaign on election day
C. guarantee the security of electoral officers and materials
D. appoint a politician as the chairman of the electoral commission

The civil service is an institution for ______

A. carrying out private organizational goals.
B. effecting civil society policies.
C. formulating and executing public policies.
D. initiating bureaucratic private agenda

The organ of the United Nations Organisation that co-ordinates the activities of its specialized agencies is the _______

A. General Assembly
B. International Court of Justice
C. Economic and Social Council
D. Trusteeship Council

A common feature m a pie-colonial centralized state was _____

A. loyalty to one political superior.
B. absence of single superior political authority.
C. the existence of autocratic rule.
D. existence of separation of powers.

A.V. Dicey popularized the principle of _____

A. rule of law.    B. democracy.      C. Political culture.     D. separation of powers

A communist system recognises _______

A. class division.    B. the need of individual.     C. human capital.     D. division of labour.

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