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If f(x) = 3x3 + 8x2 + 6x + k and f(2) = 1, find the value of k

A. -67    B. -61    C. 61    D. 67

A particle starts from rest and moves in a straight line such that its acceleration after t seconds is given by a = (3t - 2)ms-2.

Find the other time when the velocity would be zero.

A. \frac{1}{3} seconds      B. \frac{3}{4} seconds      C. \frac{4}{3} seconds      D. 2 seconds

A function is defined by h : x → 2 - , x ≠ ,   find h-1

A. 6      B.      C.      D.

Given that r = 2i - j, s = 3i + 5j and t = 6i - 2j, find the magnitude of (2r + s - t)

A.      B. 4     C.      D.

If a fair coin is tossed four times, what is the probability of obtaining at least one head?

A. \frac{1}{2}     B. \frac{1}{4}     C. \frac{13}{16}     D. \frac{15}{16}

Simplify (1 - Sin θ)(1 + Sin θ)

A. Sin2θ      B. Sec2θ      C. tan2θ      D. Cos2θ
Forces F1 (8 N, 030o) and F2 (10 N, 150o) acts on a particle. Find the horizontal component of the resultant force.

A. 1.7 N     B. 4.5 N     C. 9.0 N     D. 13.0 N

Find the minimum value of y = x2 + 6x - 12

A. -21     B. -12     C. -6     D. -3

In how many ways can a committee of five be selected from eight students if two particular students are to be included?

A. 20     B. 28     C. 54     D. 58

A line passes through the origin and the point . Find the y coordinate of the line when x = 4

A. 2     B. 4     C. 6     D. 8

The deviations from the mean of a set of numbers are (k + 3)2, (k + 7), -2, k and (k + 2)2 where k is a constant. Find the value of k.

A. 3     B. 2     C. -2     D. -3

Given that and , find

A.     B.     C.     D.

If 2, (k + 1), 8, ........ form an exponential sequence (GP), find the value of k.

A. -3 and 5     B. 5 and -5     C. 3 and -3     D. -5 and 3

If 8x ÷ = 1  and  log2(x - 2y) = 1, find the value of (x - y)

A. \frac{5}{4}     B. \frac{3}{5}     C. 1     D. \frac{2}{3}

If x = i - 3j and y = 6i - j, calculate the angle between x and y

A. 60o     B. 75o     C. 81o     D. 85o

The radius of a sphere is increasing at a rate of 3 cms-1, find the rate of increase in the surface area, when the radius is 2 cm

A. 8π cm2 s-1      B. 16π cm2 s-1      C. 24π cm2 s-1      D. 48π cm2 s-1

A particle accelerates at 12ms-2 and travels a distance of 250m in 6s. Find the initial velocity of the particle.

A. 5.7 ms-1      B. 6.0 ms-1      C. 60.0 ms-1      D. 77.5 ms-1

Using the binomial expansion (1 + x)6 = 1 + 6x + 15x2 + 20x3 + 15x4 + 6x5 + x6, find, correct to three decimal places, the value of (1.98)6

A. 68.245       B. 61.255       C. 60.255       D. 60.245

Given that y = 4 - 9x and Δx = 0.1, Calculate Δy

A. 9.0     B. 0.9     C. -0.3     D. -0.9

A 24 N force acts on a body such that it changes its velocity from 5 ms-1 to 9 ms-1 in 2 seconds, lf the body is travelling in a straight line, calculate the distance covered during the period.

A. 22 m     B. 18 m     C. 14 m     D. 10 m

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