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The most suitable container for baking a savoury dish in the oven is a

A. casserole dish.    B. loaf pan.    C. double boiler.    D. frying pan

An appetizer in a meal

A. gives more satisfaction.
B. supplements nutrients and completes meals.
C. helps to make milk patterns complete.
D. should always contain milk and sugar.

The right cooking spoon used in the cooking and serving of draw soup is

A. dessert.    B. ladle.    C. perforated.    D. serving.    E. table.

The most suitable method of cooking meals for invalids is

A. baking    B. barbecuing.    C. frying.    D. roasting.    E. steaming.

Which of these is suitable for a strict vegetarian?

A. Egg, fish and milk
B. Egg, milk and butter
C. Egg, milk and peas
D. Fish, milk and butter
E. Peas, beans and groundnuts.

Conversion of food into energy is a function of

I. vitamin A and calcium.
II. vitamin B and riboflavin.
III. vitamin C and vitamin B2
IV. nicotinic acid.

A. I only    B. II and III only    C. II and IV only    D. I and III only

Which of the following does not influence meal planning?

A. Age    B. Health    C. Height    D. Money    E. Season

Which of the following is not true about fats? They

A. add flavour to a meal.
B. produce energy for work and play.
C. protect the body from certain disease.
D. provide essential fatty acid.
E. they act as lubricant in the intestine.

The most expensive nutrient is

A. carbohydrate.    B. water.    C. vitamins.    D. proteins

Which of the following is the best substitute for yeast in bread making?

A. Native potash    B. Palm wine    C. Baking soda    D. Baking powder

The most used method of meal service for invalid and convalescent is ________ service.

A. english    B. kitchen    C. table    D. tray    E. traditional

All of the following are to be considered when preparing food budget EXCEPT

A. come available.
B. family expenditure.
C. size of the family.
D. taste of the family.
E. type of food in season.

A one-dish that is usually cooked in covered vessel is called a/an

A. casserole.    B. hot-pot.    C. irish stew.    D. sauce.    E. stew.

Some fruits and vegetables contain vitamin A in the form of

A. carotene.    B. niacine.    C. protein.    D. retinol.    E. riboflavin.

Raising agents are substances that produce_______ in flour mixture.

A. flavour    B. gas    C. moisture    D. oil    E. water

Fresh fish, meat and poultry should be stored in the __________ part of the refrigerator.

A. lower    B. coolest    C. cooler    D. middle

Emulsifiers are added into food to improve its

A. appearance.    B. durability.    C. elasticity.    D. nutrient.     E. texture.

Which of the following is not a function of beverages in the diet?

A. Assimilating    B. Medicinal    C. Nourishing    D. Protective    E. Stimulating

The digestion of starch in carbohydrates takes place in the

A. duodenum.    B. intestine.    C. mouth.    D. oesophagus.    E. stomach.

In pickling, onion is soaked in brine to

A. draw its water from it.
B. soften the onion.
C. retain its colour.
D. harden the onion.

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