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Nostrils in fish serve as organ for

A. balancing.    B. breathing.    C. hearing.    D. smelling.    E. spawning.

Which of the following is a fish sporting activity?

A. Boating    B. Feeding    C. Preserving    D. Smoking   E. Swimming

The mode of feeding in Nile perch is

A. carnivorous.    B. filtering.    C. herbivorous.    D. omnivorous.    E. sticking.

Which of the following equipment is not used for preservation?

A. Freezer    B. Kiln    C. Oven    D. Refrigerator    E. Silo

Fin-rot disease in fish is caused by

A. bacteria.    B. fungus.    C. nematode.    D. parasite.    E. virus.

A suitable place where fish lays egg is known as

A. brooding spot.
B. egg hatching spot.
C. labour ground.
D. nesting area.
E. spawning ground.

Which of the following is not a benefit of fish industry?

A. Drug production    B. Economy    C. Employment   D. Food production   E. Pollution

Which of the following is a fishing festival in Nigeria?

A. Argungun    B. Durbar    C. Eyo    D. Ogun   E. Okonko

A fish system with high level of control over its management is

A. extensive.    B. inclusive.    C. intensive.    D. semi extensive.    E. semi intensive.

The diagram represents a

A. cast net.   B. gill net.   C. hand net.    D. hook and line.   E. trap.

Fish belong to the group of animals called

A. coelenterata.    B. crustacea.    C. molusca.    D. pisces.    E. reptilia.

Another name for tail fin is

A. caudal.    B. dorsal.    C. pectoral.    D. pelvic.    E. ventral.

In fishery "milt" is a term which means

A. egg.    B. feed.    C. harvest.    D. sperm.    E. waste.

Aquaculture is a method used in the production of fishes in

A. cage.    B. drum.    C. glass.    D. pit.    E. plastic.

The muscle of fresh water fish is mainly composed of

A. fat.    B. protein.    C. salt.    D. vitamins.    E. water.

A typical fish is classified in one of the following sequence:

A. kingdom-class-phylum-order-family-genus-species.
B. kingdom—class-phylum-family-order-genus-species.
C. kingdom-genus-species-class-phylum-family-order.
D. kingdom-phylum-class-family—order-genus—species.
E. kingdom-phylum-class—order-family-genus-species.

The function of the median fin is

A. balancing.    B. controlling.    C. directing.    D. floating.     E. paddling

After death, fish flesh is highly

A. perishable.    B. prepared.    C. preserved.    D. processed.   E. protruded.

Which of the following is not considered in stocking a pond?

A. Age    B. Density    C. Ratio   D. Sex   E. Shape

Monoculture in fish farming encourages the following, except

A. control over the sex of the fish.
B. familiarity with fish farming.
C. intensive fish culture.
D. prevents single disease to kill all the fish.
E. selective harvesting.

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