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Which of the following is used for respiration in Tilapia fish?

A. Fin    B. Fin bar    C. Gill    D. Nostril    E. Operculum

Factors contributing to fish spoilage include the following, except

A. colour.    B. handling.    C. size.    D. species.    E. temperature.

The act of putting fish in a pond for the purpose of rearing is called

A. fishing.    B. fixing.    C. lining.    D. loading.    E. stocking.

Which of the following equipment is not used for preservation?

A. Freezer    B. Kiln    C. Oven    D. Refrigerator    E. Silo

The following methods improve dissolved oxygen in water, except

A. add freshwater into the pond.
B. increase manure loading.
C. provision of flow through system.
D. stir the pond.
E. stop manure loading.

Which of the following fish species has a round caudal fin? ·

A. Alestes    B. Bagrus    C. Hydrocynus    D. Labeo    E. Lates niloticus

Which of the following feed ingredients provides carbohydrate for fish?

A. Blood meal    B. Cotton seed cake    C. Insect meal    D. Maize meal    E. Powdered milk

Which of the following is a fish sporting activity?

A. Boating    B. Feeding    C. Preserving    D. Smoking   E. Swimming

The part labelled III is the

A. float.    B. hook.    C. rod.    D. rope.   E. sinker.

A suitable place where fish lays egg is known as

A. brooding spot.
B. egg hatching spot.
C. labour ground.
D. nesting area.
E. spawning ground.

Monoculture in fish farming encourages the following, except

A. control over the sex of the fish.
B. familiarity with fish farming.
C. intensive fish culture.
D. prevents single disease to kill all the fish.
E. selective harvesting.

An example of a finned fish is

A. mackerel.    B. oyster.    C. ray.    D. shark.    E. shrimps.

A typical concrete pond should have

A. automation feeder.
B. different species of fish.
C. inlet and outlet pipes.
D. its top covered with nets.
E. organic matters.

Which of the following is the correct sequence in the life cycle of fish?

A. Egg → Fingerling → Fry → Larva → Juvenile → Adult.
B. Egg → Fry → Larva → Fingerling → Juvenile → Adult.
C. Egg → Juvenile → Larva → Fry → Fingerling → Adult.
D. Egg → Larva → Fingerling → Fry → Juvenile → Adult.
E. Egg → Larva → Fry → Fingerling → Juvenile → Adult.

The following are characteristics of a culturable fish species, except

A. adaptation to artificial feeds.
B. capability to reproduce in captivity.
C. exhibition of high mortality rate.
D. exhibition of high survival rate.
E. resistance to parasite infestations.

Which of the following occurs to fish flesh after death?

A. Conservation   B. Deterioration    C. Preparation    D. Preservation    E. Protrusion

Which of the following is a fishing festival in Nigeria?

A. Argungun    B. Durbar    C. Eyo    D. Ogun   E. Okonko

The following are advantages of polyculture in fish farming, except

A. fish are more resistant to disease.
B. fish of any size or age can be raised.
C. natural foods in the pond are better used.
D. overpopulation in ponds can be controlled.
E. understocking of fish is encouraged.

Levee in a pond is the same thing as the

A. bottom.    B. inlet.    C. outlet.    D. wail.    E. water surface.

The following are external features of a typical bony fish, except

A. anal fin.    B. dorsal fin.    C. gill.    D. lateral line.    E. operculum.

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