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The man was accused of premeditated murder but he pleaded that it was -——

A. determined      B. accidental      C. planned      D. contrived

We nearly lost the trend of his argument because of its complexity but the -—-——— of his language 

A. simplicity      B. correctness openness      C. was our saving grace.      D. naivety

Uche achieved ultimate success after overcoming many ——-—-—--- difficulties.

A. grave     B. challenging     C. first     D. initial

I should know what to do in normal circumstances but this is a very—-—-—-— situation.

A. different      B. unlikely      C. unusual      D. improbable

Bola is quite extravagant whereas his wife is _____

A. considerate      B. ordinary      C. wasteful       D. thrifty

This is quite surprising, you cannot differentiate between the authentic and the _____ receipt.

A false      B. fake      C. wrong      D. illegal

Many people objected to the demolition of the toll gates whose --——- cost millions of dollars.

A. construction      B. formation      C. maintenance      D. design

To some people, that custom is repugnant but to others it is -—-—-——

A. captivating      B. delightful      C. popular      D. acceptable

While the armed robber remained unruffled after he had been arrested, his wife became -—-—-—

A. defiant      B. rude      C. agitated      D. energetic

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.

Many people were seriously injured in the -——-—-——— accident, fortunately, nobody died.

A. ghastly      B. fatal      C. reckless      D. dangerous

The editor decided not to publish the -—————-— article since the writer did not indicate his name.

A. unmarked      B. unlabelled      C. anonymous      D. stamped

Dende did not fulfil the requirement for admission and so was _____ from taking the entrance examination.

A. removed      B. disqualified      C convicted      D. implicated

The murder suspect denied the grave allegations against him but the evidence so far has --—-—— him.

A. corroborated      B. impeached      C. convicted      D. implicated

It was quite _____ to have invested in that new business.

A. prosperous      B. sufficient      C. profitable      D. successful.

The President granted the condemned prisoner a -———-—

A. reprieve      B. remission      C. bail      D. chance

It was difficult for the doctor to -—-—-— the patient’s ailment.

A. discover      B. decide      C. divine      D. diagnose

They wished her—-—-—-—- of the season.

A. compliments      B. compliment      C. complement.      D. complements

Chief Koko never allows his name to be published in connection with his philanthropic activities because he -—-——publicity.

A lacks      B. cherishes      C. detests      D. understands.

A befitting —-—-——— was paid to the memory of the departed renowned professor, playwright and dramatist.

A. tribute      B. reward      C. contribution       D. praise

After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

The accused was caught red-handed by the police. This means that the accused was _____

A. made to wear red gloves.
B. thought to be in danger.
C. found in the very act.
D. found covered with blood.

The greatest-problem of the leader is that he can see no further than his nose. This means that the leader ______

A. lacks foresight.
B. has bad sight.
C. is easily deceived.
D. has no self-confidence.

He left the country to avoid loss of face. This means that he left the country to

A. make his fortune somewhere else.
B. seek revenge.
C. seek refuge.
D. avoid being publicly humiliated.

John was not really angry with Janet but she seems to have taken the matter very much to heart. This means that Janet

A. dose not like him.
B. is very upset about the matter.
C. has taken the matter very lightly.
D. has had a serious talk with him.

His driving made my hair stand on end. This means that his driving was

A. delightful.      B. frightening.      C. interesting.      D. exciting.

When the riot broke out in the school, only the Principal kept his head. This means that only the Principal

A. was not injured.
B. held his head high.
C. remained calm.
D. hid himself.

Grace failed Mathematics last year but she has promised to turn over a new leaf this year. This means that this year Grace will

A. be more vigilant.
B. work harder.
C. cling to her books.
D. examine both sides of a leaf.

The woman supported her husband through thick and thin. This means that she supported her husband

A. in both good and bad health.
B. when he was fat and when he got thin.
C. whether he was behaving well or badly.
D. in both good and bad circumstances.

Jumai thinks she is always right but I am determined to catch her out. This means that I am determined to

A. arrest her.
B. confronter.
C. prove that she can make a mistake.
D. make her agree that I am right.

The preacher advised those who lost their property in the tire disaster not to lose hope as every cloud has a silver lining. This means that

A. there is a good side to all misfortunes.
B. when there is life there is hope.
C. to lose is a common occurrence.
D. everybody must encounter misfortune in life.

From the words or group of words lettered. A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word or group of words as it is used in the sentences.

I concede that I am wrong on this point.

A. admit     B. pledge     C. declare     D. conclude

Within a short time, what was meant to be a peaceful demonstration escalated into a riot.

A. rose      B. elevated      C. expanded      D. developed

The students were incensed to hear that their school fees had been substantially increased.

A. enraged      B. disappointed      C. displeased      D. frightened

The flood that swept away the whole village was a catastrophic event.

A. an unfortunate       B. a disastrous      C. a devilish      D. an infuriating

The box contains the most valuable of all his possessions.

A. beautiful      B. cost      C. useful      D. admirable

The decision I have taken is irrevocable.

A. inapplicable      B. unacceptable      C. irreversible      D. irregular

I am delighted to speak before this august assembly.

A. monthly      B. popular      C. crowded      D. honourable

The chairman ended the meeting of the Cooperative society with a fitting speech.

A. a short     B. an improved      C. an appropriate      D. a brief

That class is unusually disorderly today.

A. unruly      B. lawless      C. unrestrained      D. aggressive

The report given by the boy is substantially correct and we have to decide what to do about it.

A. completely     B. largely     C. probably     D. understandably

From the word or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

The new economic policy took --—-—-——- last year. A. out B. off C. of D. up

l'll look out--—-—you at the stadium.

A. for     B. at     C. to     D. on

The men were reported —-—-— the money fraudulently.

A. to take       B. to have taken       C. to having taken      D. to be taking.

The boy's father made him --—-—-— the medicine against his will.

A. swallow     B. to swallow     C. swallowed     D. to have swallowed

The bridge was blown _____ by enemy soldiers.

A. out      B. off      C. through      D. up

—-—-he comes, tell him I have left.

A. Should     B. Should in case     C. ln case     D. Whether

Many a player --—-—-—-- to score a goal so as to be highly honoured.

A. is wanting     B. wants     C. want      D. have wanted

You ——-— to know that you cannot succeed without hard work.

A. are supposed      B. supposed      C. suppose      D. are suppose

By the time I left the police station, the suspect ———

A. was been questioned
B. was been question
C. was being questioned
D. was being question.

Mary has two dresses; one is dirty, -—-—-, is wet

A. either      B. another      C. each      D. the other

That house across the road is -——-——--—, isn't it'?

A. their      B. theirs      C. their's      D. theirs'

Mr. Bello, with his wife and children, ———- to the United States

A. are travelling      B. have travelled      C. is travelling      D. had travel

The students refused to appear before the --—--- panel set up to investigate the cause of the riot.

A. ten-men      B. ten-man      C. ten-man's      D. ten-men's

The hardened criminal was convicted _____ the charges.

A. of     B. on     C. for     D. over

I enjoy -————-—-— my grandson to school everyday.

A. to drive     B. to driving     C. driving     D. drive

lt seems that the children are not paying attention. -—-———-—?

A. aren’t they      B. doesn't it      C. isn't it      D. don’t they

We knew you were not averse to ————— new friends.

A. meeting      B. meet      C. having met      D. have met

We should have a special programme for —-——-— in this country.

A. the disableds      B. disabled     C. the disables     D. the disabled

Neither those girls nor that boy --—- to blame for the error.

A. are      B. were      C. is      D. have

The pepper has been——-—by my sister.

A. ground     B. grind     C. grounded     D. grinding

Mr. Jato is a regular visitor of—-—-—

A. our own      B. our’s      C. ours'      D. ours.

l got into the room and discovered that there wasn't —-—--— there.

A. no one      B. someone      C. anyone      D. none

It is too abstract—-—-—- concept for them to understand.

A. of a      B. as      C. for a      D. a

Emmanuel is a man _____ courage.

A. about      B. of      C. by      D. for

The lady enjoyed the dance ———-—-the fact that she had a fever.

A. knowing     B. in spite     C. even     D. despite

The children are all very enthusiastic ——-—-—- the forthcoming festival.

A. for      B. about      C. on      D. with

Hardly had the family settled down for Mummy's special dinner ——-— the lights went off.

A. and      B. than      C. so      D. when

The African extended family system gives security to —-—-— members.

A. his      B. her      C. its      D. their

The philanthropist has donated a -—-——-—-— machines to the village school.

A. modern duplicating large
B. large modem duplicating
C. large duplicating modem
D. modem large duplicating

Perhaps what Akin told us —-—-— true alter all.

A. may not be      B. should not be      C. must not be      D. shall not be

The nurse inoculated —-—- pupil in the class.

A. all      B. every      C. many      D. those

Well I’ve only got -—--—-—-- naira notes, but you can have twenty naira.

A. small      B. few      C. a few      D. little

Sule has been trying hard to live -——-—-—- to his parent's expectations.

A. up     B. over     C. on     D. it

In the following passages, the gaps indicate missing words. Choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the gaps in the passages.                                                                           


The main —---- of malaria are regular —— ---— of high—---- —. (3 marks)

A. Weaknesses, grips, pressure
B. signals, problems, tension
C. symptoms, attacks, fever
D. signs, disturbances, mood

The —--— is caused by ---- ——, which are carried by the —---— anopheles mosquito. (3 marks)

A. discomfort, germs, male
B. plague, worms, mature
C. upset, flies, ordinary
D. disease, parasites, female

The mosquito is infected when it bites a man who is already carrying malaria parasites in his —-—; if the mosquito bites another person after about two weeks, the disease is immediately  —-— to him. (2 marks)

A. body, turned
B. blood, transmitted
C. brain, directed
D. eyes, supplied

After about ten days, the man experiences general weakness, —---—, fever and sweating.

A. headaches      B. heartache     C. dislocation     D. spasms

In order to prevent malaria, mosquitoes must be —----—, and there -—- ------ grounds must be completely destroyed. (2 marks)

A. eliminated, breeding
B. removed, breathing
C. weakened, living
D. crushed, growing

Patients must be treated promptly, and people who travel to regions of malaria should take prophylactic —---— to prevent —---—. (2 marks)

A. action, affection
B. treatment, infection
C. checks, relapse
D. directive, stress


Fishing is one of the overlooked sports in this part of the world. lt really requires very little and inexpensive —-----.

A. equipment     B. machinery      C. implements      D. apparatus

While you enjoy the sport, you will be getting food for your efforts as --—— is highly nutritious.

A. salmon     B. fish     C. mackerel     D. sardine

A fisherman can use a simple pole and —---— which are not expensive or a rod and reel. to fish.

A. rope     B. wire     C. cord     D. thread

The standard fishing method is to put a ——- or —--— on a hook. (2 marks)

A. gnat, fish     B. worm, meat     C. bait, lure     D. fly, chaff

The fish will see this and nibble at it, strike it or snap at it. When the fish tries to eat it, the —--— catches it in the throat.

A. needle     B. hook     C. pin     D. line

lt is also good to use —-— for fishing equipment. These indicate when a fish is nibbling at the bait. This method is more reliable than to watch for —-— on the water surface. (2 marks)

A. floats, waves     B. mats, bubbles     C. rafts, foam     D. planks, signs

Fishermen who fish on a small — —- do so from the river —— — and some  row in boats to the middle of the river. (2 marks)

A. level, embankment     B. size, cliff     C. scale, bank     D. base, bridge

Large-scale fishing needs the use of fishing ---—which go to sea and —- -—are used to —---— big fishes. A lot of hazards are faced by fishermen on sea. (3 marks)

A. ships, crates, get
B. canoes, baskets, kill
C. trawlers, nets, catch
D. boats, cages, attract

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