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Which of the following resources cannot be shared in networking?

A. File    B. Hard disk    C. Monitor    D. Primer.    E. Scanner

The following factors determine the methods of data processing, except

A. link between application.
B. payroll or statement of account.
C. size of data.
D. timing aspect.
E. type of data.

The magnetic disk is known as access storage medium.

A. direct    B. indirect    C. parallel    D. sequential    E. serial

In database management, the following features are available, except

A. field.   B. file.   C. record.   D. sheet.   E. table.

Which of the following is not a component of a web design package?

A. A solid layout.
B. Appropriate design element
C. Effective typography
D. The right colour scheme
E. The sheet calculation

The following are abuses of the internet, except

A. cyber bullying.
B. cyber cruising.
C. hacking.
D. malware.
E. spam.

Who among the following experts contributed to the design of ENIAC machine'?

A. Augustus Ada    B. G. W. Labnitz    C. John Mauchly   D. John Napier   E. J. V. Neuman

The following are types of antivirus, except

A. Avast.    B. AVG.    C. McAfee.    D. Norton.    E. Logic bomb.

What is the name given to where all committed transactions are written to redo/audit log in database?

A. Archive log    B. Check point    C. Login    D. Protocol    E. WAL

The following are examples of data types in data modeling, except

A. data/time.    B. currency.    C. held.    D. memo.    E. number.

Convert 110112 to base 10.

A. 17    B. 27    C. 31    D. 37    E. 41

The process of gathering, examining and comparing information is called

A. analysis.
B. collation.
C. distribution.
D. interpretation.
E. organization.

Which of the following acronyms contains the answer to the questions most commonly asked by visitors to a website?

A. AFQ    B. AQF    C. FAQ    D. FQA    E. QAF

What is the name given to a key that uniquely identify a field in database'?

A. Composite    B. Foreign    C. Primary    D. Secondary    E. Universal

What is the major component used in second generation computers?

A. Capacitors
B. Chips
C. Integrated circuits
D. Transistors
E. Vacuum tubes

Which of the following hexadecimal alphabets stands for twelve (12)?

A. B    B. T.    C. D    D. E    E. F

In Microsoft Access, how much storage capacity can date and time hold in data types?

A. 1 byte    B. 2 bytes    C. 4 bytes    D. 8 bytes    E. 16 bytes

The first mechanical counting device called Abacus was developed in

A. America.    B. Britain.    C. China.    D. Denmark.    E. Egypt.

Which of the following is the correct order of moving a graphical object in an application package? .

A. Click → select → drag
B. Click → drag → select
C. Drag → select → click
D. Select → click → drag
E. Select → drag → click

The following are functions of a database management system, except

A. arranging data tiles.
B. creating data files.
C. generating report from the data.
D. querying the data files.
E. report documentation.

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