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Which of the following is not a computer professional?

A. Network Administrator
B. Web Master
C. System Analyst
D. File Manager

The study of the effect of interaction between the computer and human users is referred to as computer

A. ergonomy.   B. economy.    C. ergophobia.    D. biomechanics.

A page that offers hyperlinks to other pages on the website is called

A. cover.
B. home.
D. professional.
E. web.

Preventing data from corruption and unauthorized access is known as

A. data integrity.    B. data security.    C. data coding.    D. data passwording.

Which of the following are the basic components of a computer network?

I. A minimum of two computers
II. Printers
Ill. Network interface card

A. l and ll only   B. I and III only    C. Il and III only    D. I, II and Ill

A user friendly operating system makes use of

A. text user interface.
B. text adaptation interface.
C. graphical user interface.
D. graphical unified interface.

The feature in a database application that acts as an interface between the user and the database is called a

A. query.    B. report.    C. form.    D. table.

The smallest element in a File is called

A. character.    B. data.    C. database.    D. field.   E. record.

Which of the following is not a type of networking topology?

A. Bus    B. Local    C. Mesh    D. Ring    E. Star

Which of the following statements about a relational database model is false?

A. Data in the column of a table are of the same type
B. Records consist of a row of data containing single value from each column
C. Files are a sequence of related records
D. Data in the rows of a table are of the same data type

Which of the following computer virus is undetectable and attempts to allow someone to gain control of a computer system?

A. Boot sector
B. Logic bomb
C. Root kit
D. Trojan horse
E. Worms

A _______ is a conceptual representation of the data structures that are required by a database.

A. Conceptual design
B. Database design
C. Database Management System
D. Data model
E. Relationship model

Which of the following must be created before anything could be done with a database?

A. Designs    B. Domains     C. Graphs    D. Modules    E. Tables

The advantages of electronic data processing include the following except

A. automatic processing.
B. hacking.
C. fast and reliable processing.
D. storage capacity.

Which of the following is not part of user documentation of software?

A. Hardware specification for installation.
B. How to load the software.
C. How to log in/log out.
D. How to sort data.
E. Program listing/coding.

Which of the following is not done under the program design stage?

A. Code debug
B. Code design
C. Data presentation
D. File design
E. Parallel running

The following are examples of graphics packages, except

A. Core draw.
B. Harvard graphics.
C. Photoshop.
D. Power point.
E. Windows Paint.

The following are system software program, except

A. Database Management System.
B. Operating Systems and control programs.
C. Translators.
D. User application programs.
E. Utilities and service programs.

Which of the following is not considered a safety measure when using the Computer?

A. Sitting position
B. Sitting arrangement in the laboratory
C. Adjustment of the screen in relation to the eye level
D. Using the mouse with the left hand

What type of computer is the traffic control light called'?

A. Analog computer.
B. General purpose computer
C. Hybrid computer.
D. Micro computer.
E. Special purpose computer

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