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Which of the following devices is not a micro computer?

A. Notebook    B. Laptop    C. EDVAC    D. Desktop

A high level language can be converted to a machine language using

A. a compiler.   B. an editor.    C. a utility program.    D. an operating system.

1 megabyte is equivalent to ........ kilobytes?

A 1000    B. 1024    C. 1034    D. 1204

The use of satellite to transmit signal information to the earth is enabled with the use of

A. GSM.    B. GPS.    C. POS    D. WAN

The property of a disk that determines the amount of data it may contain is

A. size.    B. volume.    C. storage capacity.    D. storage power.

Which of the following statements is true about registers?

A. It is a storage area around CPU
B. It is situated beside the CPU
C. lt is situated beside the memory
D. It is a special high speed storage area within the CPU.

The outcome of a processed data in a computer is known as

A. raw fact.    B. information.    C. database.    D. computer result.

ln the l.P.O cycle, P stands for

A. Pack    B. Pointer    C. Procedure    D. Processing

In Microsoft word, CTRL + ESC ......... the start menu

A. Closes    B. Cuts    C. Opens    D. Redo

The figure above represents

A. a NOT gate.    B. a NAND gate.    C. an AND gate.    D. an OR gate.

How do you find and load a file that has been saved? select ........... command.

A. close    B. file    C. new    D. open

In the table above, the content of cell C5 is

A. 2456.    B. 4009.    C. 4400.    D. 3450.

Which of the following signifies the correct association between a hardware component and its function?

A. Mouse to input
B. Monitor to print
C. CPU to storage
D. Hard disk to processing

The hardware of a computer does not consist of

A. casing.    B. mouse.    C. peripherals.    D. windows.

The central processing unit is connected to the

A. expansion boards.
B. expansion slots.
C. memory chip.
D. mother board.

The computer hardware can be classified into

A. ALU and Control Unit.
B. System Unit and Peripheral.
C. Central Processing Unit and Control Unit.
D. input and Output Units.

Which of the following circuits is used as memory device in a computer?

A. Attenuator    B. Comparator    C. Flip-flop    D. Modem

Which of the following is the main advantage of intellectual property right?

A. Discouragement of sharing.
B. Discovery of brilliant persons.
C. Encouragement of innovations.
D. Maximization of profit.

The main difference between a laptop and a desktop is that, a laptop

A. does not have mouse while a desktop has.
B. uses USB port while desktop uses parallel port,
C. can be connected to the internet while desktop cannot.
D. contains high capacity battery that powers for extensive period while desktop does not.

What is the other word used to describe browsing?

A. Cyber cafing    B. Pinging    C. Searching    D. Surfing

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