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ln the l.P.O cycle, P stands for

A. Pack    B. Pointer    C. Procedure    D. Processing

Given that 2610 =(X)2 , X is

A. 11011    B. 11010    C.11110    D.10111

Which of the following is not a mobile input device?

A. Joystick    B. Light pen    C. Mouse    D. Scanner

The computer hardware can be classified into

A. ALU and Control Unit.
B. System Unit and Peripheral.
C. Central Processing Unit and Control Unit.
D. input and Output Units.

1 megabyte is equivalent to ........ kilobytes?

A 1000    B. 1024    C. 1034    D. 1204

Which of the following networks covers the widest range?

A. LAN.    B. MAN.    C. PAN.    D. WAN.

The main difference between a laptop and a desktop is that, a laptop

A. does not have mouse while a desktop has.
B. uses USB port while desktop uses parallel port,
C. can be connected to the internet while desktop cannot.
D. contains high capacity battery that powers for extensive period while desktop does not.

In hexadecimal number system, B, D, E represents

A. 11, 12, 13, respectively.
B. 12, 14, 15 respectively.
C. 13, 14, 15 respectively.
D. 1 , 16, 17 respectively.

The figure below is a System Development Cycle

The path labeled III is the

A. system design.
B. study review.
C. system implementation
D. feasibility study.

Which of the following is the main advantage of intellectual property right?

A. Discouragement of sharing.
B. Discovery of brilliant persons.
C. Encouragement of innovations.
D. Maximization of profit.

The computer that features a liquid crystal display (LCD) is known as .............. computer.

A. desktop    B. digital    C. hybrid    D. laptop

The symbolic representation of hard disk is

A. B:    B. B:l     C. C:     D. C:l

The number of cells that contain data in row 1 is

A. 1    B. 3.    C. 4.    D. 5.

An advantage of sequential access over serial access is that

A. sequential file is slow.
B. sequential tile is detailed.
C. sequential file does not use key.
D. individual records can be located more quickly.

What is the function of control unit in the CPU? It

A. decodes program instructions
B. generates data from the field
C. performs logic functions
D. store program instructions
E. transfers data to primary storage

Which of the following items best describes the term hardcopy?

A. Print out
B. Written on a hard board
C. information stored on a hard disk
D. Amount of data

Which of the following is employed in transfer of data between computers and a network?

A. Fiber optics.
B. Male connector.
C. Female connector.
D.USB Port.

The following are examples of synchronous communication, except

A. blogs
B. google talk
C. phone
D. video conferencing

The four standard ports include the following buses, except

A. fast infrared
B. high performance serial
C. parallel
D. serial

The mechanical counting device called pascaline was invented by ....... pascal.

A. Blaize    B. Bloom    C. John    D. Philip

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