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Use the statements below to answer the question

NEWS: ‘RivaI cult Group Killed Ten on Campus
STUDENT: I will definitely need a bullet proof vest before l can go back to the Campus.

Based on the statement above, the decision of the student on having a bullet proof vest shows that cultism

A. spreads fear and terror.
B. is a training ground for armed forces.
C. breeds courageous graduates.
D. propagates self-defence.

One of the major problems facing local government administration in Nigeria is

A. insufficient councillors
B. lack of control by the central government.
C. lack of funds
D. leadership.
E. smallness of area of jurisdiction

The following are some of the limitations of human rights, except

A. emergency situation.
B. illiteracy and ignorance.
C. indiscipline.
D. military dictatorship.
E. over zealous security operatives.

A system of government that listens to public opinion and tolerates opposition is

A. dictatorial regime.
B. capitalist regime.
C. democratic regime.
D. socialist regime.

Use the story below to answer the question.

Chief Bilisi was prominent politician and honourable minister in Kantogo Republic. He had sponsored several candidates to power and made them to swear oath of allegiance to him. ln return, they awarded contracts and offered financial and material assistance to him at the expense of the public. This had resulted in the non—provision of social amenities. These were some of the grievances the community had against him for which a mob gathered in front of his house shouting and hauling abusive words at him. They did not stop at that as they vandalized property and obstructed vehicular movement.

A major lesson Nigerians could learn from the story is that

A. leaders can empower voters by giving them money.
B. security officials should use brutal force on citizens.
C. the underprivileged should not vie for elective positions.
D. greed and related vices can cause serious breach of the law.

The June 12, 1993 election was annulled by the then military government headed by

A. Abdulsalam Abubakar.
B. Ibrahim B. Babangida.
C. Muhammadu Bubari.
D. Olusegun Obasanjo.
E. Sani Abacha.

HIV is the acronym for Human

A. Immune Virus.
B. Immune-Deficiency Virus.
C. Immunity Virus.
D. Immunization Virus.
E. Immuno-Deficiency Virus.

The greatest hindrance to Nigeria political development is

A. by stander.
B. corruption.
C. manipulation.
D. marginalization.
E. thuggery.
A bill passed by the National Assembly requires the assent of the president before it becomes
law. The law can be declared null and void by the court of law.

The process above emphasizes the

A. supremacy of judiciary over other arms of government.
B. relationship among the arms of government.
C. importance of law makers in a democracy.
D. fundamentals of the rule of law.

The nearest government to the people and an important means of promoting grassroots development is the

A. state government.
B. unitary government.
C. local government.
D. federal government.

Cultism can be described to be ____

A. amiable.    B. attractive.    C. dangerous.    D. harmless

The following are the causes of human trafficking, except

A. contentment.
B. corruption.
C. greed.
D. low self esteem.
E. poverty.

The “right to vote and be voted for” can only be enjoyed by Nigerian citizens who attain the age of

A. 13.     B. 15.     C. 16.     D. 17.     E 16.

Freedom to act as one pleases, but within the law is described as

A. citizen’s responsibility.
B. civic responsibility.
C. democracy.
D. human rights.
E. separation of powers.

Democracy is yet to take firm root in Africa because

A. it retards African development.
B. African leaders are not experienced enough.
C. most African leaders detest the will of the people.
D. it is an expensive system of government

An election conducted to determine a winner after a general election is known as ____ election.

A. bye
B. plebiscite
C. primary
D. referendum
E. run-off

Use the dialogue below to answer the question

Ada: Wanja, where are you going to in this ungodly hour of the night?
Wanja: l am heading towards my usual joint to enjoy myself.
Ada: Which joint?
Wanja: XYZ Night Club, where l take marijuana and alcoholic beverages, I really want to be high tonight so that when people see me tomorrow, they will fear and respect me.
Ada: Remember, people who work under the influence of hard drugs and alcoholic beverages are prone to either psychiatric problems or premature death. Softly young man, imbibe good-matured character, you have the world at your feet and a destiny to fulfill. Pray you will not be the architect of your own misfortune.

From this dialogue, it is very likely that Wanja will be exhibiting the following characters except

A. disobedience to constituted authority.
B. truancy and perpetual lateness to school.
C. hospitable attitude towards people.
D. arrogance and unruly behavior.

The headquarters of United Nations is located in

A. Abuja.
B. England.
C. Hague.
D. New York.
E. Washington D.C.

The formation and implementation of policies are the major duties of the

A. executive.
B. judiciary.
C. legislature
D. police.
E. senate president.

The land in contention between Nigeria and Cameroon is called

A. Bakassi Penisula
B. Bonny Island
C. Calabar River
B. Lekki Peninsular
E. Victoria Island.

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