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The element with electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p1 belongs to ____

A. s-block, period 3, group 1.
B. p-block, period 3, group 2.
C. s-block, period 3, group 3.
D. p-block, period 3, group 3.

Aqueous copper (II) tetraoxosulphate (VI) was electrolysed using the following pairs of electrodes. In which case was there a decrease in the mass of the anode?

Electrode - Cathode                Anode
A.             Graphite                 Graphite
B.             Platinum                 Platinum
C.             Copper                    Copper
D.            Graphite                  Platinum

Which of the following instruments is used in detecting the presence of radiation?

A. Cathode ray tube.    B. Geiger-Muller counter.   C. Mass spectrometer.   D. X-ray tube.

Which of the following pairs of acids and bases will produce a solution with PH less than 7 at equivalence point?

A. HNO3 and NaOH
B. H2SO4 and KOH
C. HCI and Mg(OH)2
D. HNO3 and KOH

Which of the following salt is not prepared by precipitation?

A. Lead (II) tnoxocarbonate (IV)
B. Barium trioxocarbonate (IV)
C. Sodium trioxocarbonate (IV)
D. Calcium tnoxocarbonate (IV)

A metal X forms two chlorides with the formulae XCI2 and XCI3

What type of bonding exists between X and chlorine in each of the chlorides?

A. Metallic bonding    B. Ionic bonding    C. Covalent bonding    D. Dative bonding

Which of the following equipment is not used to detect radioactivity?

A. Wilson cloud chamber
B. Geiger-Muller counter
C. Mass spectrometer
D. Photographic plate

The separation of petroleum fractions depends on the differences in their

A. melting points.    B. molar masses.    C. solubilities.    D. boiling points.

The IUPAC name of the compound  is

A. 2—amino hexanoic acid.
B. 2—amino—4—methyl pentanoic acid.
C. 2, 4—dimethyl butanoic acid.
D. 4—amino pentanoic acid.

An orange drink concentrate is suspected to contain traces of poisonous green dye, a harmless dye having the same boiling point. Which of the following techniques is most suitable for isolating the dyes?

A. Fractional distillation
B. Paper chromatography
C. Coagulation
D. Recrystallization.

What happens at the cathode during electrolysis? The

A. anion is oxidized.
B. anion loses electrons.
C. cation is oxidized.
D. cation is discharged.

Rare gases are stable because they

A. are chemically active.
B. contains equal number of protons and neutrons.
C. contains more electrons than protons.
D. has octet structures.

What volume of hydrogen would be left over when 300 cm3 of oxygen and 1000 cm3 of hydrogen are exploded in a sealed tube? [2H2(g) + O2(g) ⟶ 2H2O(g) ]

A. 200 cm3
B. 400 cm3
C. 600 cm3
D. 700 cm3

Which of the following cells produce electrical energy from chemical reactions?

I. Lead-acid battery    II. Dry cell    III. Daniell cell    IV. Electrolytic cell

A. I and II only     B. I, II and III only.     C. II, III and IV only.     D. I, III and IV only.

In which of the following series are the atoms arranged in order of increasing ionization energy?

A. Li, Na, K.
B. B, Be, Li.
C. O, F, Ne.
D. Be, Mg, Ca.

A substance is said to be impure if

A. its melting point range is wide.
B. it dissolves in water with difficulty.
C. it has a low melting point.
D. it is coloured.

Which of the following gases are arranged in increasing order of diffusion rate?
[H = 1.0; C = 12; N = 14; O = 16; S =32]

A. SO2, O2, NH3, H2.
B. H2S, NH2, O2, SO2.
C. CO2 , N2O, O2 SO2.
D. NH3, NO2, N2, CO2.

When heat is absorbed during a chemical reaction, the reaction is said to be

A. adiabatic    B. endothermic    C. exothermic.    D. Isothermal.

Two solutions containing Pb2+ and Al3+ respectively can be distinguished using

A. NaOH(aq)    B. NH3(aq)    C. conc NHO3    D. conc HCI

In the periodic table, alkaline earth metals can be found in group

A. I.    B. II.    C. VI.    D. VII.

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