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Consider the reaction represented by the following equation:
C2H2 +yH2 → C2H6

The value of y in the reaction is

A. 4.    B. 3.    C. 2.    D. 1.

The condensation of several amino acids molecules gives

A. long chain alkarioic acids
B. secondary alkanols
C. alkanoates
D. proteins.

During the extraction of iron, the limestone fed into the blast furnace produces CaO which removes

A. excess air    B. unburnt coke    C. earthy impurities    D. molten iron.

The mass of 800 cm3 of a gas X at s.t.p. is 1.0g. What is the molar mass of X?

[1 mole of gas at s.t.p occupies 22.4 dm3]

A. 18.0 g mol-1     B. 22.4 g mol-1     C. 28.0 g mol-1     D. 36.0 g mol-1

A nuclide emits a beta-particle  . In the process the atomic number

A. increases by 1 while the mass number remains constant
B. decreases by 2 while the mass number remains constant
C. remains constant while the mass number decreases by 2
D. remains constant while the mass number increases by 1.

A substance is said to be impure if

A. its melting point range is wide.
B. it dissolves in water with difficulty.
C. it has a low melting point.
D. it is coloured.

A metal X forms two chlorides with the formulae XCI2 and XCI3

Where is X in the Periodic Table?

A. Group II     B. Group III     C. a-block     D. s-block

Glucose gives a brick-red precipitate with Fehling’s solution because it is

A. a carbohydrate    B. an alkanoate    C. a reducing sugar    D. a non-electrolyte

Which of the following salt is not prepared by precipitation?

A. Lead (II) tnoxocarbonate (IV)
B. Barium trioxocarbonate (IV)
C. Sodium trioxocarbonate (IV)
D. Calcium tnoxocarbonate (IV)

A hydrocarbon compound contains 92.3% carbon. Determine its empirical formula. [H = 1.00; C = 12.0]

A. CH.     B. CH2.     C. CH3.     D. C2H3.

Which of the following variables is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecule of a gas?

A. Density.    B. Pressure.    C. Temperature.    D. Volume.

The following factors affect the solubility of a solid in a given solvent except

A. nature of solute.    B. nature of solvent.    C. pressure.    D. temperature.

A solution of zinc chloride should not be stored in a container made of

A. tin    B. copper    C. aluminium    D. lead

In metallic solid, the force of attraction is between the mobile valence electrons and the

A. atoms.    B. neutrons.    C. negative ions.    D. positively charged nuclei.

Which of the following measures is not suitable for controlling water pollution?

A. Treating industrial effluent and domestic sewage before discharge into water
B. Controlling the use of agrochemicals
C. Recycling industrial and agricultural wastes
D. Burning industrial and agricultural wastes before discharge into waterways.

Which of the following organic compounds would decolourize bromine water?

A. Benzene.    B. Cyclobutane.    C. Hexane.    D. Pentane.

The volume of 0.25 moldm-3 solution of KOH that would yield 6.5 g of solid KOH on evaporation is (K = 39.0, O = 16.0; H = 1.00)

A. 464.30 cm3     B. 625.0 cm3     C. 1000.00 cm3     D. 2153.80 cm3

Which of the following cells produce electrical energy from chemical reactions?

I. Lead-acid battery    II. Dry cell    III. Daniell cell    IV. Electrolytic cell

A. I and II only     B. I, II and III only.     C. II, III and IV only.     D. I, III and IV only.

The percentage by mass of calcium in Ca(OCI)2 is _______
[Ca = 40.0; Cl = 35.5; O = 16.0)

A. 28.0%.     B. 31.6%.     C. 43.8%.     D. 44.5%.

Which of the following elements is diatomic?

A. Sodium.    B. Oxygen.    C. Iron.    D. Neon.

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