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The part labelled I is called

A. acromion process.    B. collar bone.    C. glenoid cavity.    D. scapula blade.    E. scapula spine.

The part marked X is used for

A. breathing.    B. feeding.    C. reproduction.    D. sucking.    E. swimming

The part of the brain that co-ordinates muscular movement is called

A. cerebellum.    B. cerebrum.    C. hypothalamus.    D. medulla oblongata.    E. olfactory lobe.

According to Mendel’s first law of inheritance, segregation of genes occur when

A. tall plants are crossbred.
B. short plants are crossbred.
C. tall plants and short plants are crossbred.
D. plants are crossbred.

Which of these statements is NOT true of a fish?

A. Lives in water
B. Respires with the aid of gills
C. Skin covered with scales
D. They are homoiothermic
E. They are poikilothermic

Ability of the human eye to focus images accurately on the retina is called

A. astigmatism
B. myopia.
C. adjustment.
D. accommodation

The spinal cord is protected by the

A. cervical vertebra.    B. cranium.    C. rib cage.    D. sacrum.    E. vertebral column

In explaining the term camouflage, to a class, the diagram below showing four varieties, P, Q, R, and S of the same species of fish living among water plants in a river were used.

Which of the varieties is most likely to outlive the others?

A. P    B. Q    C. R    D. S

Which of these animals is an invertebrate?

A. Lizard    B. Rat    C. Starfish    D. Tilapia fish    E. Toad

The following are examples of sex-linked characters EXCEPT

A. albinism    B. baldness    C. colour blindness    D. dwarfism    E. haemophilia

The following diagrams show the sequence of events in early cell division.

In which of the following cells is this division likely to take place?

A. Sperm cell    B. Blood cell    C. Muscle cell    D. Uterine cell

Which of these is NOT detected by the nerve endings of the skin?

A. Cold    B. Heat    C. Pain    D. Pressure     E. Weakness

Which of the following components make up an ecosystem?

A. Decomposers, animals and non-living factors
B. Living and non-living factors
C. Plants and non-living factors
D. Plants, decomposers and non-living factors

Which of the following is called “emergency” hormone in man?

A. Adrenalin    B. Insulin    C. Prolactin     D. Testosterone      E. Thyroxine

Which of the following parts of the eye is sensitive to light?

A. Choroid layer   B. Cornea    C. Optic nerve     D. Pupil    E. Retina

Angiosperms belong to the class

A. bryophyta.    B. pteredophyta.    C. schizophyta.     D. spermotophyta.    E. thallophyta

The vector that transmits trypanosome is the

A. blackfly.     B. cockroach.     C. housefly.     D. mosquito.     E. tsetsefly

When a vaccine is injected into the body, it causes the lymphocytes to produce

A. antibodies.    B. antigens.    C. antitoxins.    D. hormones.    E. toxins.

Which of the following statements about the cross is correct?

A. The gene for the spotted coat is recessive to the gene for the black coat
B. Black coat and spotted coat are co-dominant
C The gene for the spotted coat is dominant over the gene for the black coat
D. The genotype for the F1 are homozygous dominant

Which of the following organs of the alimentary canal is not correctly matched with its function?

A. Gall bladder → stores bile
B. Liver → stores glycogen
C. Appendix → releases enzymes
D. Teeth → grind food

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