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Which of these is NOT detected by the nerve endings of the skin?

A. Cold    B. Heat    C. Pain    D. Pressure     E. Weakness

Which of the following organisms is not a protozoan?

A. Amoeba    B. Ascaris     C. Plasmodium     D. Paramecium

The middle ear cavity is filled with

A. air.    B. blood.    C. endolyrnph.    D. perilymph.     E. water.

Which of these organisms exist as a colony?

A. Amoeba    B. Euglena    C. Paramecium    D. Spirogyra    E. Volvox

A farmer who wants to keep seeds for three years before planting and wants to prevent them from sprouting uses

A. auxin.    B. gibberdllins.    C. abscisin.    D. cytokinins

Which of these is NOT a reflex action?

A. Eye blinking    B. Knee jerking    C. Laughing     D. Sneezing    E. Yawning

A person had an accident that affected the skull but not the nose and later lost the sense of smell. The accident must have affected the

A. nose by extension.
B. olfactory lobes of the brain.
C. passage from the nose to the brain.
D. part of the skull near the nose

Which region of the human body is the thoracic Vertebra located?

A. Abdomen    B. Chest    C. Hip    D. Neck    E. Tail

Which of these bones fits into the part labelled II?

A. Collar bone    B. Head of femur    C. Head of humerus    D. Radius and ulna    E. Tibia and fibula

Study the diagram below:

The mode of nutrition of the plant in the diagram is

A. photosynthetic and chemosynthetic.
B. saprophytic and carnivorous.
C. photosynthetic and carnivorous.
D. chemosynthetic and saprophytic

The vector that transmits trypanosome is the

A. blackfly.     B. cockroach.     C. housefly.     D. mosquito.     E. tsetsefly

The following are contributions of genetics EXCEPT in the production of

A. drought resistant varieties of crops.
B. early maturing varieties of crops.
C. disease resistant varieties of crops
D. chromatin materials
E. high yielding varieties of crops.

Another name for the larva is

A. caterpillar.    B. grub.    C. maggot.    D. nymph.    E. wriggler

Gaseous exchange in the lungs takes place in the

A. alveoli.    B. bronchi.    C. bronchioles.    D. nostrils.    E. trachea

Which of the following organisms is an endo-parasite?

A. Tapeworm    B. Flea    C. Tick    D Aphid

Which of the following organs of the alimentary canal is not correctly matched with its function?

A. Gall bladder → stores bile
B. Liver → stores glycogen
C. Appendix → releases enzymes
D. Teeth → grind food

Which of these is excreted by the human skin?

A. Carbondioxide    B. Serum    C. Sweat     D. Uric acid     E. Urine

Which of the following is the end product of digestion of oil?

A. Amino acid    B. Fructose    C. Glucose    D. Glycerol    E. Maltose

Which of these is NOT a function of the liver?

A. Detoxification of toxic substances
B. Deamination of protein
C. Production of bile
D. Regulation of lipids
E. Transportation of blood

How many chromosomes will be in a gamete if the normal cell has four chromosomes?

A. 2     B. 4     C. 6     D. 8

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