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The rock weathering process involving the equation; CaCO3 + 2HCO → Ca(HCO3)2 is called

A. carbonation.    B. hydration.    C. hydrolysis.    D. oxidation

The characteristic odour in billy goats can be removed through

A. docking.     B. castrating.     C. drenching.     D. dipping

Which of the following are advantages of the communal land ownership system?

I. Every member of the community has a piece of land on which to farm.
II. Co-operative farming is possible under this system.
III. Large scale farming is encouraged.
IV. Land can be used as a security for loans

A. I and II only.
B II and III only.
C. I and III only.
D. III and IV only

Pruning is carried out to

I. control the size of the plants
II. obtain clean and attractive fruits
III. ensure correct spacing of trees

A. I and II only.    B. I and III only.    C. II and III only.    D. I, II, and III

Which of the following groups of cattle are tropical breeds?

A. Friesian. Kuri and White Fulani.
B. N’dama, Sokoto Gudali and Muturu.
C. Kuri, Sokoto Gudali and Jersey.
D. Muturu, N’dama and Friesian

Which of the following factors affect the work rate of draught animals?

I. Feed intake    II. Breed of animal.    III. Harness for hitching.    IV. Height of animal.

A. I, II and III only.
B. I, II and IV only
C. II, III and IV only.
D. I, II, III and IV only.

To facilitate mechanical harvesting of cereals, it is better to

A. make all of them disease-resistant.
B. ensure that they are free from pest attack.
C. ensure they all have uniform height.
D. make sure they are early-maturing

One of the main disadvantages of mechanical tillage is the

A. low initial cost of equipment.
B. need for special training before machines can be used.
C. use of heavy equipment leading to soil compaction.
D. use of foreign exchange to purchase machine parts

Demand is said to be price elastic, if the absolute value of price elasticity of demand is

A. greater than one.    B. less than one.    C. one.    D. zero

One disadvantage of using bamboo troughs as waterers for poultry is that they

A. can be chewed up by the birds.
B. are susceptible to algal growth.
C. break easily when they fail.
D. contaminate the water put in them

Determine the market supply when the price is N4,000.00

A. 77,000 kg     B. 70,000 kg    C. 55,000 kg    D. 35,000 kg

A 100kg NPK 15: 15: 15 compound fertilizer has a filler Make-up weight of

A. 30kg.     B. 40kg.     C. 45kg.     D. 55kg

A disease of rabbit caused by a protozoan is

A. infectious bronchitis.    B. coccidiosis.    C. anthrax.    D. milk fever

Which of the following statements best describes sedimentary rocks?

A. Pre-existing rocks in which the original mineral has undergone change.
B. Weathered rock transported by wind to other places.
C. Molten magma which has cooled down and solidified.
D. Rocks formed from breaking, deposition and re-cementation of pre-existing rocks

Which of the following features could lead to wrong reading on a prismatic compass?

A. A big tree.    B. Wind direction.    C. A pond.    D. Magnetic attraction

Which of the following practices leads to land degradation in the savanna zones of West Africa?

I. Constant annual bushfires
II. Overgrazing of grassland
III. Application of cattle manure.
IV. Cutting of woody species for fuel wood

A. I,II and III only.     B. I, II and IV only.     C. II, III and IV only.     D. I, II, III and IV.

Heat in farm animals can be detected by the following signs except

A. redness of the vulva.
B. low body temperature.
C. loss of appetite.
D. frequent urination

An example of a piercing and sucking insect-pest of crops is a _____

A. mealy bug.     B. grasshopper.    C.  weevil.    D. termite

One of the problems facing agricultural development in West Africa is

A. inadequate financing.
B. unavailability of productive land.
C. low income of consumers.
D. inadequacy of industries

The branch of horticulture that deals with the production of vegetables is called

A. pathology    B. olericulture.    C. floriculture.    D. pomology

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