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'Ay me, for aught that I could ever read,
Could ever licor by laie or history,
The course of true love
Never did run smooth ....'

The image, in the quotation above depicts the speaker's ________

A. hatred     B. desperation     C. love     D. disregard

Full of vexation comes, with complaints Against my child, my daughter Hermia
stand forth, Demetrius. My noble Lord, stand forth, Lysander, and my gracious
duke, child... I beg the ancient privilege of Athens. As she is mine, I may
dispose of her. Which shall be either to this gentleman or to her death,
according to our law, immediately provided In that case
[Act 1 Scene 1].

The statement was made in the _______

(a) Palace     (b) Wood    (c) Garden     (d) Forest

The traditional verse form of speech as dialogue in Midsummer Night’s Dream is used to symbolize the _______

A. impressiveness of the characters
B. intense feelings of the characters
C. traditionality of the play
D. function of poetry in the play

What does Puck do to Bottom?

A. He transforms Bottom's head into that of an ass.
B. He transforms Bottom into a fairy.
C. He gives Bottom the ability to fly.
D. He sprinkles the love potion onto Bottom's eyes.

Why are Lysander and Hermia sleeping apart?

A. They had a fight.
B. Lysander doesn't want to offend the fairies.
C. Hermia wants to respect custom and propriety.
D. They need to keep watch for Demetrius and Helena.

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