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David gave Uriah leave to go to his house and wash his feet in order to ________

A. conceal his adultery with Bathsheba.
B. find an excuse to charge him for desertion.
C. give him time for relaxation.
D. compensate him for fighting bravely for Israel.

The consequence of Hiel’s building of Jericho was that he ______

A. lost two of his sons
B. was highly respected by his tribe
C. was killed by ahab
D. was made a commander in Ahab’s army.

The man who stirred up the people against Paul in Ephesus was _____

A. Aristarchus.    B. Demetrius.    C. Gaius.    D. Alexander.

According to Jeremiah, the new covenant is based on _____

A. circumcision. B. providence. C. righteousness. D. restoration.

"Behold, you are old and your sons do not walk in your ways ...".

The Israelites made the statement above to Samuel because his sons

A. took bribes and perverted justice.
B. considered themselves above the people.
C. had immoral dealings with women.
D. disregarded the advice of Israel's elders.

According to Jeremiah, the people of Israel were in exile because of their ______

A maltreatment of the poor.
B. unfaithfulness and faithlessness.
C. impatience and immorality.
D. rebellion against Nebuchadnezzar.

According to Paul, spiritual gifts are for the benefit of the ______

A. individual members of the congregation.
B. edification of the Lord.
C. infrastructure of the church.
D. corporate life of the body of Christ.

According to Paul, Christians should forgive one another so that ______

A. they may not perish in sin.
B. Satan may not gain advantage over them.
C. their prayers may be heard by God in heaven.
D. God may forgive them.

Paul's prayer for the Philippians was that the God who inspired them to give him gifts would surely ______

A. receive all the glory.    B. supply all their needs.    C. accept their offering.    D. enrich them on earth.

What did Paul advise the Philippians to manifest as a virtue of humility?

A. Counting others as better than themselves.
B. Counting others equal to them.
C. Regarding themselves as superior to others.
D. Taking the lowest seat in a gathering.

Hosea declares that the uprights walk in the ways of the LORD, but transgressors ____

A. stumble in them    B. flee from them    C. scorn them    D. reject them.

The ark that God commanded Noah to build was made of _____

A. cedar wood. B. cypress wood. C. acacia wood. D. Gopher wood.

A good example of nature miracles performed by Jesus was that of ______

A. healing the leper.    B. casting out demons.    C. raising the dead.    D. calming the storm.

‘David departed from there and escaped …and when his brothers and all his father’s
house heard it …’

In the statement above, where did David escape to?

A. the cave of Adullam
B. the wilderness of Engedi
C. the land of Judah
D. Mizpeh of Moab.

Paul teaches that believers have been buried and raised with Christ so that they
Might _____

A. grow in the knowledge of Christ
B. walk in liberty
C. adhere to the law
D. walk in newness of life.

Paul warned the Thessalonians against the deceit of false teachers concerning ____

A. activities of the man of sin
B. the second coming of Christ
C. their salvation in Christ
D. the resurrection of the dead.

“Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”

The statement above was made by the ______

A centurion servant.    B. epileptic boy.    C. leper.    D. paralytic.

According to Galatians, judgement is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy, yet mercy triumphs over ______

A. judgement.   B. punishment.   C. tribulation.   D. the Law.

The second creation story ends with the institution of ______

A. the Passover    B. circumcision    C. the Sabbath    D. marriage.

Elijah knew of the covetous act of Gehazi because _____

A. he saw the gifts with him
B. he went with him in spirit
C. it was reported to him
D. he saw him from afar.

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