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A chemical cell of internal resistance 1 Ω supplies electric current to an external resistor of resistance 3 Ω. Calculate the efficiency of the cell.

A. 75%    B. 50%    C. 33%    D. 25%

The pressure exerted by a given mass of gas in a container

A. decreases if the container is heated
B. increases if the molecules of the gas move faster
C. increases if the volume of the container is doubled
D. decreases as the kinetic energy of the gas molecules increases

The letter F is placed in front of a plane mirror as illustrated in the diagram below.

Which of the following represents the image observed?

A converging lens and a screen are placed 20 cm and 80 cm respectively from an object in a straight line so that a sharp image of the object is formed on the screen. If the object is 3 cm high, calculate the height of the image formed.

A. 1 cm    B. 9 cm    C. 12 cm    D. 15 cm

Water falls through a height of 50m. Determine the temperature rise of the water at the bottom of the fall. [Neglect energy losses]. Specific heat capacity of water = 4200jkg-1k-1, g = 10ms-2

A. 0.119°C     B. 0.840°C     C. 1.190°C     D. 8.400°C

Which of the following phenomena is the practical evidence for the existence of the continual motion of molecules?

A. Translational motion    B. Rotational motion    C. Brownian motion    D. Oscillatory motion

Beta particles are fast-moving

A. protons    B. electrons    C. neutrons    D. photons

Both γ rays and X-rays

I. can be produced by thermionic emission
II. have low frequencies
III. have short wavelengths.

Which of the statements above is/are correct?

A. I only    B. II only    C. III only    D. I and III only

A wheel and axle of radii 800 mm and 200 mm respectively is used to raise a body of weight 800 N by the application of 250 N. Calculate the efficiency of the machine.

A. 85%     B. 80%     C. 60%     D. 20%

It takes a shorter time for a liquid to boil at the top of a mountain than at the base because at the top, the

A. temperature is higher
B. pressure is lower
C. humidity is higher
D. temperature a constant.

Which of the following sets of quantities is fundamental?

A. Length, mass and time
B. Speed, length and time
C. Speed, mass and distance
D. Distance, speed and time

Which of the following types of motion does a body undergo when acted upon by a couple?

A. Vibrational    B. Translational    C. Rotational    D. Random

A car travelling with a uniform velocity of 30 ms-1 along a horizontal road overcomes a constant frictional force of 600 N. Calculate the power of the engine of the car.

A. 18 kW     B. 20 kW     C. 180 kW     D. 200 kW.

The frequency of a swinging pendulum is the

A. number of complete oscillations the pendulum makes in one second.
B. number of amplitudes the bob makes in one second
C. angle the bob swings through in one second
D. distance the bob covers in one second
A body of mass 5 kg moving with a velocity of 10 ms-1 collides with a stationary body of mass 6 kg. If the two bodies stick together and move in the same direction after the collision, calculate their common velocity.

A. 4.55 ms-1     B. 12.00 ms-1     C. 30.00 ms-1     D. 50.00 ms-1

The amplitude of a wave is the

A. distance travelled by the wave in a complete cycle of its motion
B. maximum displacement of the wave particle from the equilibrium position
C. separation of two adjacent particles vibrating in a phase
D. distance between two successive troughs of the wave.

Which of the following is/are in random motion?

I. Pollen grains in water
II. The molecules of hydrogen gas
III. Fine chalk particles floating in air

A. I and II only    B. I and III only    C. II and III only    D. I, II and III

A body of mass m has a specific heat capacity s, and a heat capacity, c. If the temperature of the body changes by θoC, which of the following equations is correct?

A. msθ = mc-1      B. ms = c     C. ms = sθ     D. ms = cθ

Control in nuclear reactors is effected with boron rods because the rods have the ability to

A. absorb electrons    B. absorb neutrons    C. accelerate electrons    D. slow down neutrons

The diagram above illustrates a Hare’s apparatus, ℓ1 and ℓ2 represent densities, h1 and h2 heights of columns of liquids. Which of the following equations is correct?

A.     B.     C.     D.

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