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The diagram above represents the displacement-time graph of the motion of an object thrown upwards. The velocity of the object at the point P is

A. maximum     B. uniform     C. zero     D. terminal.

The working principle of a pressure cooker is based on the

A. increase in the volume of steam inside it
B. complete trapping of heat inside it
C. increase in the pressure of the pot
D. decrease in the pressure of the pot.

Water of mass 1.5 kg is heated from 30oC to 80oC using an electric kettle which is rated 5A, 230 V. Calculate the time taken to reach the final temperature. [Specific heat capacity of water = 4200 Jkg-1K-1]

A. 4.57 minutes     B. 5.02 minutes     C. 7.3 minutes     D. 10.04 minutes

It takes a shorter time for a liquid to boil at the top of a mountain than at the base because at the top, the

A. temperature is higher
B. pressure is lower
C. humidity is higher
D. temperature a constant.

If the charge on an object is measured as 4.04 x 10-18 C, how many excess electrons does the object possess, given that the charge of an electron is 1.6 x 10-19 C?

A. 18     B. 19    C. 25    D. 37

A chemical cell of internal resistance 1 Ω supplies electric current to an external resistor of resistance 3 Ω. Calculate the efficiency of the cell.

A. 75%    B. 50%    C. 33%    D. 25%

The pressure exerted by a given mass of gas in a container

A. decreases if the container is heated
B. increases if the molecules of the gas move faster
C. increases if the volume of the container is doubled
D. decreases as the kinetic energy of the gas molecules increases

Light is considered as a transverse wave because it travels

A. through materials without causing disturbance of the medium
B. through space with constant speed
C. in a direction parallel to the plane containing the electric and magnetic fields
D. in a direction perpendicular to the plane containing the electric and magnetic fields.

A bar magnet is placed near and lying along the axis of a solenoid connected to a galvanometer. The pointer of the galvanometer shows no deflection when

A. the magnet is moved away from the stationary solenoid
B. the solenoid is moved away from the stationary magnet
C. the magnet is moved towards the stationary solenoid
D. there is no relative motion between the magnet and the solenoid.

The friction which exists between two layers of liquid in relative motion is called

A. capillarity     B. surface tension    C. viscosity    D. cohesion

A radioactive element has a decay constant of O.077s-1. Calculate its half-life.

A. 13.0 s    B. 9.0 s    C. 5.1 s    D. 0.5 s

Flemings right hand rule is also called the

A. motor rule    B. dynamo rule    C. screw rule   D. thumb rule.

In which of the following media is the transmission of sound waves fastest?

A. Vacuum    B. Air    C. Wood    D. Iron

A metal rod of length 50 cm is heated from 40oC to 50oC. If the linear expansivity of the material is ∝, calculate the increase in length of the rod (in metres) in terms of ∝.

A. 20 ∝     B. 200 ∝     C. 2000 ∝     D. 20000 ∝

Which of the following statements is correct?

A. The density of a liquid decreases when it expands
B. The densities of liquids increase when the liquids are heated
C. The real expansivity of a liquid is less than its apparent expansivity
D. A liquid changes to solid when heated to a sufficiently high temperature.

Which of the following statements is an advantage of nuclear fusion over nuclear fission?

A. The resulting chain reaction which produces large amount of energy
B. No radioactive waste is produced as bye product
C. Very high temperatures required in the process
D. The end product is lead

Which of the following optical instruments does not depend on the use of plane mirrors?

A. Kaleldosccpe   B. Simple microscope    C. Sextant    D. Simple periscope

Which of the following statements about an object performing simple harmonic motion is correct? Its acceleration

A. is maximum at the extreme ends
B. is constant and directed towards a fixed point
C. is zero when it is displaced from the equilibrium position.
D. varies linearly with the displacement from a fixed point and is directed towards the fixed point.

Which of the following equations for the efficiency of a machine is correct





The lower and upper fixed points of a thermometer are 30 mm and 180 mm respectively. Calculate the temperature in degrees Celsius when the thermometer reads 45 mm.

A. 10.0°C     B. 15.0°C     C. 20.0°C      D. 30.0°C

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