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The point at which a product is getting stabilized and recognized by customers is referred to as the product’s ______ stage.

A. decline    B. growth    C. introduction    D. maturity    E. proto-type development

The following criteria are used by the manufacturer in selecting an effective merchandise, except

A. facility and equipment.
B. financial capability.
C. marketing skills.
D. social background.
E. years of experience.

The worldwide computer network with an international super highway link is called

A. diskette.    B. hardware.    C. internet.     D. software.     E. website

Mr Eze is into eatery business. Which of these marketing channels suit his business?

A. Manufacturer → Consumer
B. Manufacturer → Jobber → Retailer → Consumer
C. Manufacturer → Retailers → Consumer
D. Manufacturer → Wholesaler → Consumer
E. Manufacturer → Wholesaler → Retailer → Consumer

Which of the following is not a type of industrial market?

A. Consumer market
B. Producer market
C. Government market
D. Institutional market

The process of anticipating future events, and determining actions to
meet organizational goals and objectives is called _____ marketing.

A. mix.    B. planning.    C. research.    D. strategies.    E. tactics.

The importance of marketing plan to an organisation includes the followings, except

A. encourages discharge of duties.
B. encourages waste of organisation’ s resources.
C. enhancing orderly flow of activities.
D. helps in taking calculable business risks.
E. helps in making reasonable assumption and forecast.

The merchandising activity which involves the use of logo, slogan or trademark to identify a product is known as

A. branding.    B. distribution.    C. labelling.    D. marketing.    E. packaging.

Business risks in foreign market is higher in

A. exporting.    B. joint venture.    C. licensing.    D. direct investment.

The following factors influence organizational buyers’ behaviour, except _____ factors.

A. environmental
B. individual
C. interpersonal
D. organizational
E. psychological

A bonded warehouse is one where

A. imported goods are kept.
B. dutiable goods are kept.
C. fake goods are kept.
D. contraband goods are kept.

The act of maintaining a relationship between an organization and the outside world is the duty of

A. marketing director.
B. marketing manager.
C. marketing research manager.
D. product manager.
E. public relations manager.

The following are roles of market union in marketing products, except

A. drawing up regulations.
B. educating members.
C. encouraging division of labour.
D. promoting co-operation.
E. settling disputes.

Which of the following is an element of a marketing plan?

A. Data processing
B. Marketing strategy
C. Market segmentation
D. Business transaction

A market that consists of individual households who purchase products for direct usage is

A. industrial market.
B. producer market.
C. specialty market.
D. consumer market.

Which of the following is not a price determinant?

A. Ability of customers to pay
B. Bankers interest rate
C. Expected rate of return
D. The competitors’ price
E. The force of demand and supply

The selling of goods in small units is normally performed by

A. distributors.    B. wholesalers.    C. retailers.     D. brokers.

Marketing concept means

A. buying and selling to customers.
B. selling and distribution to customers.
C. satisfying customers’ needs and wants.
D. advertising and promotion to customers.

The following are roles of facilitators in banks, except

A. consulting stakeholder.
B. guiding financial process.
C. liaising with partners.
D. spotting opportunities.
E. taking estimated banking risks.

An organizational chart contains information about the in a firm.

A. arrangement in which tasks should be done
B. consumers’ position
C. names and numbers of staff
D. specification of various jobs
E. structure, relationship and position of employees

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