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A publisher who wishes to buy paper to produce books does that at ___ market.

A. consumer    B. government    C. industrial    D. resellers    E. users

Attracting large number of customers by charging an initial low price for goods is called ______ pricing.

A. budgeting    B. cost plus    C. haggling    D. penetrating    E. value

Marketing research is important because it

l. facilitates quality decision.
ll. reduces the risk involved in making decision.
lll. determines the most rewarding application of resources.
lV supplies relevant information on a market.
V. recognizes marketing problems.

A. l, ll and lV only    B. l, ll, lll, IV and V    C. l, ll, lll and lV only     D. ll and lll only

The marketing term that explains what transpired between a buyer and seller is

A. demand.    B. supply.    C. transaction.    D. utility.    E. value.

Decisions and activities which may stimulate and promote sale is known as ______ mix.

A. marketing    B. place    C. pricing    D. product     E. promotion

The process of encouraging consumers to buy products at retail outlets is

A. advertising.    B. publicity.    C. merchandising.    D. distribution.

The trade agreement between Nigeria, Japan, Korea, U.S.A and Germany is an example of_____ trade system.

A. bilateral    B. export    C. international    D. import    E. multilateral

Which of the following is not a reason new products fail?

A. Competitive strength
B. Over-pricing
C. Perfect timing
D. Products deficiencies
E. Technical problems

The use of the Services of independent international marketing middlemen to sell a product in foreign countries is

A. joint venture    B. indirect export    C. direct investment    D. direct export

The process of buying and selling of goods and services across national boundaries is known as _____marketing.

A. domestic    B. internal    C. international    D. national    E. product

The selling of goods in small units is normally performed by

A. distributors.    B. wholesalers.    C. retailers.     D. brokers.

A policy whereby a manufacturer of a product partially contributes to a retailer’s advertising cost of his product is

A. institutional advertising.
B. promotional advertising.
C. informative advertising.
D. cooperative advertising.

A treaty designed to promote world trade by reducing tariff, quota and other international trade barriers is known as

A. foreign licensing.
B. franchising.
C. general agreement on tariffs and trade.
D. strategic alliance.
E. subcontracting.

A paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor is

A. publicity.   B. sales promotion.   C. special promotion.    D. advertising.

Those products that contributes directly or indirectly in the production of other products are called _____ products.

A. consumer    B. convenience    C. emergency    D. industrial    E. specialty

Which of the following is not a factor that can influence decisions on marketing channel'?

A. Convenience of the marketing managers.
B. Geographical location
C. Nature of the product
D. Number of customers
E. Purchasing patterns of buyers

Which of the following does not provide meaning to the SWOT acronym?

A. Objectives   B. Opportunities    C. Strengths    D. Threats   E. Weakness

The barrier to international trade aimed at making importation of goods more expensive than exportation is

A. devaluation.    B. embargo.    C. exchange control.    D. import quota.
E. tariffs.

The exclusive right granted to a wholesaler or retailer to sell the products of a company in a specified area is called

A. agency.    B. copyright.     C. franchise.     D. licence.    E. royalty.

The process of charging an amount of money for a product or service can be referred to as

A. budgeting.    B. costing.    C. haggling.    D. pricing.    E. valueing.

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