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Which of the following is the best substitute for yeast in bread making?

A. Native potash    B. Palm wine    C. Baking soda    D. Baking powder

The following are types of meal services EXCEPT

A. buffet.    B. cocktail.     C. country-style.     D. formal.    E. kitchen.

Which of the following is a biological method of raising agent?

A. Air    B. Baking powder     C. Steam    D. Tartaric-acid     E. Yeast

Which of the following materials is the best for making cooking pot?

A. Aluminum    B. Glass    C. Iron    D. Plastic    E. Tin

The proportion of the whole grain that is utilized in flour making is known as _

A. constituent.    B. extraction.    C. milling.    D. production.    E. proportion.

The type of injury sustained, when skin is damaged by hot steam is called

A. bruise.    B. bum.    C. cut.    D. scald.    E. sting.

The enzyme in the stomach that causes coagulation of the caseinogens in milk is

A. amylase.    B. lipase.    C. pepsin.    D. ptyalin.    E. renin.

Which of the following is NOT a reason for reheating left-over food?

A. Economic purposes
B. Make food more appetizing
C. Present variety
D. Prevent wastage
E. Store for a long time

All the alcoholic beverages have the following characteristics EXCEPT that they

A. act as a sedative.
B. contain fermented sugar.
C. have low nutritive value.
D. refresh the body.
E. weaken the body.

Sterility is a deficiency disease due to lack of vitamin

A. E.    B. D.    C. C.    D. B.     E. A.

Most fruits are preferably eaten _______ as they are easily digestible.

A. baked    B. boiled    C. fried    D. raw    E. stewed

A female who organizes a party is called a/an

A. guest.    B. host    C. hostess.    D. waiter.    E. waitress.

Which of the following foods cannot be regarded as a convenience food?

A. Canned fruits    B. Yam    C. Sardine    D. Gari

Left-over tomato puree can best be preserved by

A. fermentation.    B. canning.    C. boiling.    D. covering with oil.

Hard water when boiled

A. increases iron content.
B. cannot be absorbed in the blood stream.
C. increases calcium content.
D. cannot be absorbed when used in cooking.

A hypertensive patient needs low content of______ in his/her meal.

A. fish    B. meal    C. pepper    D. salt    E. water

Which of the following is used to control the temperature of a refrigerator?

A. Barometer    B. Thermometer    C. Perculator     D. Thermostat

Food budget is essential to

A. economies the family income.
B. show off ones education.
C. keep up with the Jones’s.
D. increase the family income.

The food item that looses its flavour easily and absorbs other flavour during storage is

A. bread.   B. butter.    C. fruit.    D. sugar.    E. vegetable.

Which of the following nutrients protects the body against diseases?

A. Carbohydrates and fats
B. Fats and proteins.
C. Minerals and carbohydrates.
D. Proteins and vitamins
E. Vitamins and minerals

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